Nominations for MANLIEST MEN of MANLINESS Tournament.

  • So now that the villains tournament is all wrapped up, I think it's time for a new poll that we can all focus on.

    And looking back at this forum's history, I noticed that while we've had tournaments revolving around the best villains, best females, and best overall characters in anime, there's one that's been sorely missing:


    That's why I, SpacemanHardy, the self-proclaimed Master of MANLINESS, have taken it upon myself to start up the first annual

    MANLIEST Anime MEN of MANLINESS Tournament!!!

    128 MEN will enter, but only one will reign supreme as the MANLIEST anime character of all time!!! (or at least 2014)

    I already have a full roster, but if you see someone on the list who you don't think is MANLY enough, or if you think a different character from the same series is more deserving, tell me your reasons why and I might switch them out.

    The rules are simple:

    1. Only ONE character per series.
    2. Characters MUST be from an anime. They can be anime based on manga and video games, but they HAVE to be from the show itself. No manga/game-only characters allowed.
    3. Characters must (obviously) be male. Robots and animals are allowed, provided they are both sentient and obviously masculine. Not to be sexist or unfair to the ladies, but they have their own tournament already.
    4. It doesn't have to be a main character, but it must be one that is at least somewhat important to the plot of the show. No one-episode roles, cameos, or blink-and-you'll-miss-it types. (Sorry Jack Rakan, but those Negima OADs just don't count :P)
    5. Cruelty is NOT MANLY. No douchebags, jerkwads, axe-murderers, puppy-kickers, puppy-BURNERS, or overall evil sons-a-bitches allowed. Villains and anti-heroes are okay, as long as they are at least noble in their cause and have a good code of ethics.
    6. Only MANLY MEN need apply. No sissy pretty boys, beautiful bishonen types, or overly moody, whiny, angsty teenagers. (That means YOU, Shinji!!!)
    7. NO GOKU. GOKU IS NOT MANLY. (maybe next year though…~^)_
    8. No Sword Art Online characters. I'm not about to let that piece of crap anywhere near my tournament. >0<**

    **Out of consideration for the other forum members, I have decided to swallow my feelings for this series, and include one of the characters for the show. :)

    Here is the full compiled list so far, now in handy-dandy alphabetical order. Some of these I am dead set on and will be in the tourney, no matter what. For others I am open to suggestions if you think a different character is more deserving:

    ! Adam Blade (Needless)
    Alex Row (Last Exile)
    Bardroy (Black Butler)
    Batou (Ghost in the Shell)
    Bean Bandit (Riding Bean)
    Bear Walken (Gungrave)
    Black Jack (Black Jack)
    Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo (Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo)
    Briareos (Appleseed)
    Bunshichi Tawara (Tenjho Tenge)
    Captain Ahab (Hakugei)
    Captain Bravo (Buso Renkin)
    Captain Brentan (Dominion Tank Police)
    Captain Harlock (Space Pirate Captain Harlock)
    Captain Nemo (Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water)
    Charles Beams (Eureka Seven)
    Chaser John Doe (Dream Eater Merry)
    Coach Kouichirou Ohta (Gunbuster)
    Cobra (Space Adventure Cobra)
    Col. Paya Livingston (Magical Witch Punie-Chan)
    Commander Amarao (FLCL)
    Daikichi Kawachi (Bunny Drop)
    Daisuke Jigen (Lupin the 3rd)
    Dan Eagleman (Guilty Crown)
    Dandy (Space Dandy)
    Dark Schneider (Bastard!!)
    Doppo Orochi (Baki the Grappler)
    Drake Anderson (Read or Die)
    Dryden Fassa (Vision of Escaflowne)
    Duke Togo (Golgo 13)
    Dutch (Black Lagoon)
    Eikichi Onizuka (GTO)
    Elfman Strauss (Fairy Tail)
    Erwin Smith (Attack on Titan)
    Falcon (City Hunter)
    Freddie (Cromartie High School)
    Gai Daigoji (Martian Successor Nadesico)
    Gamagoori (Kill la Kill)
    Garterbelt (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt)
    Germany (Hetalia Axis Powers)
    Ginko (Mushi-Shi)
    Ginnai Doma (Black Lion)
    Giroro (Sgt. Frog)
    Goh Saruwatari (Godannar)
    Guts (Berserk)
    Ichiro Komaba (Silver Spoon)
    Isaac Dian (Baccano!)
    J (Heat Guy J)
    Jeremiah Gottwald (Code Geass)
    Jet Black (Cowboy Bebop)
    Jin Kunugi (RahXephon)
    Joe (Crusher Joe)
    Joe the Condor (Gatchaman)
    John Estes/Sleepy (Mad Bull 34)
    Joseph Joestar (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency)
    Jotaro Kujo (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders)
    JP (Redline)
    Justy Ueki Tylor (The Irresponsible Captain Tylor)
    Kamina (Gurren Lagann)
    Kanji Tatsumi (Persona 4: The Animation)
    Kazuma Kuwabara (Yu Yu Hakusho)
    Kenji Harima (School Rumble)
    Kenny Nakajima (You're Under Arrest!)
    Kenpachi Zaraki (Bleach)
    Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star)
    Kikucho (Samurai 7)
    King Bradley/Wrath (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
    King Shoryu (Twelve Kingdoms)
    Kinnikuman (Kinnikuman)
    Kintaro Oe (Golden Boy)
    Klein (Sword Art Online)
    Kotetsu T. Kaburagi/Wild Tiger (Tiger & Bunny)
    Lehm Brick (Jormungand)
    Leomon (Digimon)
    Leorio Paladiknight (HunterXHunter)
    Lord Yupa (Nausicaa)
    Louie (Rune Soldier)
    Major Alex Luis Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist)
    Mamoru Takamura (Fighting Spirit: Hajime no Ippo)
    Manji (Blade of the Immortal)
    Manzo the Saw (Samurai Champloo)
    Masa (My Bride is a Mermaid)
    Master Asia (G Gundam)
    Mifune (Soul Eater)
    Mister (Coyote Ragtime Show)
    Mu La Flaga (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)
    Munsu (Blade of the Phantom Master)
    Nicholas D. Wolfwood (Trigun)
    November 11 (Darker Than Black)
    Oji "Gabriel" Tanaka (Legend of Black Heaven)
    Panthro (Thundercats 2011)
    Piccolo (Dragonball Z)
    Pip Bernadotte (Hellsing: Ultimate)
    Poipoider (The Mars Daybreak)
    Porco Rosso (Porco Rosso)
    Prince Philionel el di Saillune (Slayers)
    Quent Yaiden (Wolf's Rain)
    Racer X (Speed Racer)
    Randel Oland (Pumpkin Scissors)
    Rider/Iskander (Fate/Zero)
    Roger Smith (The Big O)
    Rokurouta Sakuragi (Rainbow)
    Roronoa Zorro (One Piece)
    Roy Focker (Super Dimensional Fortress Macross)
    Roy Revant (Solty Rei)
    Sadamitsu Tsubaki (Sadamitsu the Destroyer)
    Sakaki (Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple)
    Sanosuke Sagara (Rurouni Kenshin)
    Seiko Miyazawa/Oton (Shootfighter Tekken)
    Senji Kiyomasa (Deadman Wonderland)
    Shiro Fujimoto (Blue Exorcist)
    Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!!)
    Sinbad (Magi)
    Soichi Nishimura/Iron Man (Baka & Test)
    Sven Vollfied (Black Cat)
    Taichi Hiraga Keaton (Master Keaton)
    Takeda Shingen (Sengoku Basara)
    Tatsumi Saiga (Speed Grapher)
    Tenshiro Okakura (Rideback)
    Tetsugyu (Giant Robo)
    The El Dorado 5 (GunxSword)
    Tomomi Masaoka (Psycho-Pass)
    Toppy (Sands of Destruction)
    Toriko (Toriko)
    Tsunemi Chiba (BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad)
    Wolfgang Grimmer (Monster)
    Yo Hinomura (Crying Freeman)
    Yugo Beppo (Yugo the Negotiator)

    Out of respect for 7jaws7's Amazon of Anime Tournament, I'm not going to start my tournament until his is finished. You have until then to submit any changes to the roster. Any other suggestions or recommendations are of course welcome as well. Remember, please give me good solid reasons as to why you think they should be added to the roster. I don't want anyone going up there if I don't think they actually deserve it.

    Thanks a lot, and I'll see YOU at the First Annual MANLIEST Anime MEN of MANLINESS Tournament!!! ^_^

  • Isn't the point of a tournament for us to decide who is the manliest? Who are you to tell us that Goku and characters for SAO aren't manly? Isn't the point of the tournament for all of us to decide together? You might as well tell us now who the winner is.

  • Seigen Irako (Shigurui Death Frenzy)
    Zwei (Phantom)
    Shinjuurou Yuuki (Un-Go)
    Munsu (Blade of the Phantom Master)
    Tooru Souma (Baldr Force ExE)
    Keisei Tagami (Corpse Princess)
    JP (Redline)
    Brock (Pokemon)

  • Charles Beams (Eureka Seven)
    Andrei Sergeivich Kalinin (Full Metal Panic)
    Kintaro Oe (Golden Boy)
    Ichiro Komaba (Silver Spoon)
    Mu La Flaga (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)
    Jin Kunugi (RahXephon)
    Dryden Fassa (Vision of Escaflowne)
    Quent Yaiden (Wolf's Rain)

  • @SpacemanHardy:

    Not to be sexist or unfair to the ladies, but they have their own tournament already.

    About that, you are going to let me go ahead with it, right? I was going to put up the 2014 Amazons of Anime Tournament Discussion Thread on Monday; I just wanted a small break after all that villainous voting. And don't worry about how long it takes, I plan on breezing right through that event in no more than a month after it starts.

  • Sure, absolutely. I can either wait until you're done, or we can run both polls at the same time if you don't mind.

    It'll probably take me some time to finalize the full roster anyways. :)

  • Seriously, though. I don't understand why Goku can't be on here. Definition of manly: possessing qualities, such as vigour or courage, generally regarded as appropriate to or typical of a man; masculine. You seriously say that Goku isn't that and that Bishonen characters can't be that? Maybe you mean macho. Even then, Goku should still count.

    I don't mean to be a buzz kill or anything, but I've run tournaments before, and many of these rules are nothing like I've ever seen, and I've never see anyone on here nominate most of the contestants themselves. Usually that's left up to the members. Just a suggestion, but I've seen most tournament runners let the members nominate, and add in more themselves if they don't get enough suggestions.

  • @BHLani: Well, there are a few reasons why I'm against Goku in the tournament.

    First of all, Goku is stupid. In fact, he's a total moron. True, that's not necessarily a "unmanly" thing as there are several characters already on the roster who aren't the brightest of bulbs, but this is a guy who's so dumb that he's willing to risk his entire planet and help his enemy just so they could "fight at their full potential". He had both Cell AND Frieza beat, and yet he's going to give them a senzu bean/spare energy so they can fight some more? That's not being noble or sportsmanlike. That's just being downright idiotic. There are other times when Goku's stupidity really botches things up, but that's the biggest one.

    What really rubs me the wrong way, though, is that Goku is notorious for being a bad father. Sure, he gets a pass early on in the show for not spending time with his son, due to him being DEAD and all. But several times in the series, it seems as if he'd rather go off and train instead of taking responsibility and spending time with his family. You know, like a GOOD man should. After the Planet Namek incident, he had every opportunity to teleport back to his wife, son and friends who loved and were worried about him, but instead chose to stay for months on end to "perfect his training". When he was allowed one day a year to come back to earth while he was dead, he chose to participate in a tournament instead of spending time with his youngest son who he had never even met. Not to mention he has NEVER had a job, has NEVER contributed to his family's finances, and he probably thinks the lights in his house are all fueled by magic beans or something. Sure, he's saved the world countless times, and that's fantastic. But when the fireworks are over, he prefers not to be bothered by that whole family "thing" that somehow got attached to him.

    He's masculine, macho, and noble, sure. But something about him just does not scream "manly". He's got manly traits, yes, but he's not even the manliest character in his own show. Personally, I think Piccolo is manlier than he is. He's masculine, macho, doesn't take shit from anyone, always willing to help out in a fight, and is willing to lay down his life to protect his friends (and has, a few times). He's a much better father figure and mentor to Gohan than Goku EVER was, and while he did use to be a bad guy, his time spent with Gohan changed him into a much better person. That's why I personally picked him over Goku, Vegeta, or anyone else in the show.

    Plus, you have to admit: If we included Goku, the fanboys would vote for him just because "he's Goku". They'd choose him simply because of his popularity and not because of his manly traits. I'd much rather not have him make a clean sweep of the tourney.

    As far as providing most of the nominees myself, let me give you some backstory behind that list. It started out as a Top 100 list I was planning to do several years ago, and I and several of my friends and fellow forum members from Teh Bukkit have worked on it and tweaked it on and off literally for years now. That list you see there is one of the most comprehensive compilations on the subject of "manliness" that I currently know of, and I promise that it's not just me putting down a whole bunch of characters that I personally like.

    That having been said, it's not set in stone. While there are indeed some characters that I absolutely insist will be included, I am definitely open to suggestions if you disagree with any of the entrants listed. By all means please share your opinions if you feel one character doesn't belong or if another character from the same series would work better.

    "MANLINESS", especially when it comes to anime characters, isn't really something that can truly be defined by definition. Sure, masculinity, machismo, vigor and whatnot are all important parts of it, but there's something MORE to it than that. It requires passion, nobility, cause. It means standing up for a cause that you believe is right and just - even when it isn't. It means giving it all and fighting to the bitter end - even if it breaks the laws of physics. It's bulging muscles, scars, pompadours, giant eyebrows, and Go Nagai sideburns. It's epic speeches, dramatic hand gestures, and screaming at the top of your lungs. It's doing the impossible. Breaking the unbreakable. Row Row. Fight tha powah.

    In the end, a character is either MANLY… or they're not. Those who can tell the difference..... Just KNOW.

    That's…. literally the best way I can explain it. :)

    If you don't like the rules I've set up for this poll, well... No one says you have to participate. I'm sorry it's not to your liking. But I like the idea of what I'm trying to do here, and I definitely hope that you'll give it enough of a chance to join in the fun. ~_^

    EDIT: Oh, and to answer your question about SAO, it's because I f***ing HATE IT and think it's a putrid piece of excrement. BUT, if it makes you feel better, I suppose I could put someone like Klein or Aigil on the roster. But it'll be absolute zero in the fiery depths of hell before I EVER put Kirito anywhere near that list. >0<

  • I haven't seen any of SAO, I was just curious about why there were rules excluding certain things. So, from what I understand, your bias against Goku is what's keeping him from being in the tournament, whether any of the rest of us think he's manly or not. Now, I may seem like the biggest Goku fangirl ever from my postings today, but I'm not. I like him, no doubt, but he's not even one of my favorites from DBZ. I just don't think it's fair to purposefully exclude him. I'm sure there will be some people voting for him just because he's Goku, but that sort of thing happens in every tournament. We can't just go around excluding characters for reasons like that.

  • I nominate these ones:
    King Shoryu(Twelve Kingdoms)
    Alex Row(Last Exile)
    Joe(Crusher Joe) I've only seen trailers for it, but Joe has a manly look to him.

  • King/Bradley/Wrath - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - his mustache alone should get him in, but let's see; he has one of the greatest deaths in anime, takes out a tank with a sword, is a solid study on the very nature of anger and he's a lot like an evil Captain America.

    Mugen - Samurai Champloo - he just don't give a sh!t.

    Brandon Heat - GunGrave - the strong silent type, a well written character that goes from street punk to elite mob member to undead super human always at adds with his conscience and humanity.

    Tatsumi Saiga - Speed Grapher - a veteran war journalist obsessed with his craft, he also goes toe to toe with Suitengu and survives.

    Kouga Gennosuke - Basilisk - an ideal leader opting for peace over war, only resorting to violence when absolutely necessary, and he has one hell of a power.

    Bunshichi Tawara - Tenjho Tenge - "I think you've had enough; now go home, take a sh!t and go to bed." That scene where he thrust punches the car and flings it over his head should get him in.

    Kiritsugu Emiya - Fate/Zero - the fight scene with Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald should be reason enough.

    Ichise - Texhnolyze - another quiet, but well-written protagonist, strong, loyal and resilient, never backing down from a fight he's survived tragedy after tragedy and is the last surviving human in his story.

    Dutch - Black Lagoon - the only man who can stand up to Revy or talk her down.

    Kuranosuke Koibuchi - Princess Jellyfish; about this one, I know he dresses like a woman and partakes in "girly" pursuits like fashion, however; it's because of this I consider him manly because he dresses as he wants and refuses to succumb to archaic social expectations; he defines his own masculinity.

    In case we need more:

    Rintarō Okabe - Stein's; Gate

    Muneakira Yagyu - Samurai Girls - one of the few "manly" protagonists of a harem series that isn't a wuss, but isn't a raging pervert douche bag either.

  • @SpacemanHardy:

    Plus, you have to admit: If we included Goku, the fanboys would vote for him just because "he's Goku". They'd choose him simply because of his popularity and not because of his manly traits. I'd much rather not have him make a clean sweep of the tourney.

    In Goku's defense…he's never had any kind of success in tournaments here at FUNi. In fact, people vote against him because he's Goku, so I don't think you have to worry about him making a clean sweep. I personally feel he's an automatic qualifier in this sort of thing, simply because he's easily one of the most iconic anime characters in America, but that's just me :P

  • I know, I know, I've heard all the reasons, and even though I've given some serious thought into the matter, I've still decided I'm not going to include Goku in this tournament. I just personally don't think he's what the contest needs, to be honest. Sorry if that bothers anyone. :hmm:

    I'm getting some really good recommendations, though. Definitely keep it up. I'd like to see a few more before I can finalize a full list. Also, don't be afraid to speak up if you want to replace one of the characters already listed with another one. (eastunder, I personally really like ALL of your entries) ~_^

    As far as the limited roster is concerned, let's just consider this a test tournament, seeing as this is the first time I've run something this big before on these forums. If it turns out well, next year I'll double it in size and let the forum members have full control over the roster.

  • If i had to replace any of your choices is would be these:
    Replace Roronoa Zoro with Edward "Whitebeard" Newgate (Whitebeard fights for his crew/family rather than wealth, he was considered Gol D. Rogers equal, and in his death he took about 267 sword wounds, 152 gunshot wounds, 46 wounds from cannonballs, and got half of his face blasted off, resulting in 465 injuries in total. In additon, Whitebeard was on the receiving end of Kizaru's laser beams and Akainu's two magma blasts. And even after taking so much damage in his already weakened state, he died standing)

    Replace Kazuma Kuwabara with Younger Toguro (Despite being a villain and killing Genkai, he was still honorable in battle, and, in death, chose the worst punishment that you could get in the afterlife even after being offered a lighter punishment from Koenma, because he wanted to pay for his sins that kept him from a life he wished he had. Not to mention he also apologized to Genkai and wished for Yusuke's safety)

    Replace Jotaro Kujo with Joseph Joestar (Admittedly, all i've seen of Stardust Crusaders is what the anime has shown so far, so i could be proven wrong after finished the show or reading the manga. But in terms of sheer presence and personality, Joseph's got Jotaro beat. Jotaro is mostly just the stoic delinquent with a decent moral compass. Joseph has more charisma, intelligence, and a better sense of human decency. Even if he can be incredibly camp.)

  • I think I'd kind of have to agree with Lani on this one, no offense, Spaceman. It seems a bit much to outright ban certain characters from the tournament just because you don't like them. But it's your show, as they say, and it has proven in the past that people just don't vote for Goku for some reason.

    I call foul at Jack Rakan's OAD appearances not counting though. JACK RAKAN. :( … :P

    Let's see here though...actually I'll have to get back to you on my own nominations, once I look through everyone else's nominations to see who they may have missed.

  • @Gyt: Well, if they don't vote for Goku, hopefully they will vote for Piccolo. ~_^

  • I have a suggestion. You can have a play in match of Goku vs Piccolo.

  • Man I am at a loss thinking about the manly men, I'll go with ones I think are cool

    All of the male Masters in Kenichi I guess, Tiger from Tiger and Bunny maybe?, Kamijou from Index ih and Sven from Black Cat

  • Vash the Stampede (tri-gun) though he is slightly childish at times, he does what needs to be done when the time calls for it.

  • Vash the Stampede (Tri-gun) he does what he has to for the greater good

  • Same on those so far who has not nominated Kamina from Gurren Lagann yet.

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