2 months later still no trouble ticket/forum reply

  • I asked the same question twice and still no reply. Been checking this forum and my email / spam box for a response, still nothing on the titan exlcusive ordering issue. In case you didnt read the last couple of thread I posted or remember it, it was me saying I unfortunately decided to go ahead and order the Attack On Titan LE from rightstuff.com, due to you guys leaving me in the dark with not so much as a peep to a answer or any type of reply on a way for me to get the exclusive from you people at funimation. But I still wanted to have a answer for the future in case there is another exclusive I wish to purchase, seeing how the shop will probably never work for me!

  • Wasn't this already answered in this post?

    Please post in the "Haven't Heard from Support" thread, which is open for this purpose, instead of making a new thread. Thank you.

  • @St0ck: I think he's referring to the fact that there's no answer to his question, not no response to his thread.

    @OP: Depending on how big the issue is might determine how long it takes for them to help with it as well as when they received your submission as opposed to others. Does seem like they tend to take their sweet time with getting to you though.

  • I'm still trying to figure out how he's having an issue, I could download a browser, make a new user profile, put in the required shipping location and payment method and be done in less then 10 minutes.

    Not being able to buy from an online store just isn't something that happens, heck I just checked and would have been able to check out as a guest so you don't even need a new user name.

    @Cloud: Is it an issue with your card? You're posting this on a public forum so out with it, if you're dead set on making 3 topics on the same exact subject even after you were told not to then give us a bit more information other then "support isn't contacting me", given how good you're following directions I'm guessing the issue is on your end.

  • STOCK - Doesnt matter if im signed in or not, the shop site just wont come up right or even work. It looks like a page under construction and clicking anything on the page does nothing. So its not a issue with my card, cause I cant even get to the check out page nor even see the darn products. My computers do thier own daily maintance of clearing cache, cookies, temp files, passwords, etc. They tried to tell me its my browser at 1st, but I have another computer at my cottage which is about 300 miles away, it has google chrome and the shop page is the same. The computers were purchased like either 2009 or 2010 and are used alot for my buisnesses. Now as I told them, I did my own little detective work and hit up a few computer joints like best buy, office depot, etc. Some pcs worked with the google chrome and some just didnt, same went for the pcs with explorer. I cant see going out to go buy a new computer just so I can use the funimation shop and I refuse to do that. I order at least 40-50 times per month, online many, many, many different sites and dont have any problems. Except with the funi site!

    Problem has been there since day 1 of the launch date and reported and its probably going to be there permently till either the next new funi web launch or I get another pc. I decided to except it, till they decided to start doing these funimation shop exclusives that can only be purchased off (GUESS WHAT?) funimation shop that wont work for me. They should either have a 2nd way to order something from them (phone orders / snail mail) or have someone else (RIGHTSTUFF.COM) carrying thier exclusives till the shop works for everyone. ALL I WANT IS FOR A WAY FOR ME TO BE ABLE TO HAVE A WAY TO PURCHASE THE EXCLUSIVE (IF THEY DO A ANIME I WANT IN THE FUTURE ) DOWN THE ROAD. Cause you know they will do it again!

  • They tried to tell me its my browser at 1st, but I have another computer at my cottage which is about 300 miles away, it has google chrome and the shop page is the same.

    Have you tried purchasing through the Firefox browser? Having it work on another computer doesn't mean your browser might not be borked.
    I just tried to order through the Chrome browser and the item didn't get added to my cart until after the page load icon finished.
    I then tried to order with Firefox and had no issues.

    Just do me a favor, download Firefox or SeaMonkey (I've verified Funimation's site works on both)

    If you try to order from either and it doesn't work we can go from there, otherwise it does sound like Chrome has an issue with the Funimation website. I tried to purchase on Chrome and initially had an issue, but after waiting for the page load icon to finish the item was successfully added.

  • Stock, I will tell you same thing I told funimation. Im tech challenged, I hire professionals to do the work for me. I put enough money into trying to get that shop working. When I installed a program someone recommended from the funi staff to take screen shots, my pc got a crap load of malware/viruses and froze the pc solid for the day. Only thing that came out of doing the screen shots, was for them to tell me "yeah, it dont work for you". So no more random just try this stuff. I just want either another way to be able to order a exclusive, have them give the exlcusive to someone else (rightstuff.com) that I can order it from, or fix thier shop on thier end. Im happy to do a phone order, money order, send them a check, or even buy it from rightstuff.com.

  • What program would you need to print a screen shot? All you would have to do is press ctrl+Print Screen (top right), open Microsoft paint which is pre-installed on all Windows based computers, and save the picture (then attach the picture file to an outgoing email).

    Your browser is broken, Funi can do nothing on their end to fix what is most likely a corrupted java or adobe install, or maybe it's a malware that you somehow got. You can run a fresh install of Chrome to hopefully fix this, or you can get Firefox (which is malware free, and the second most used browser in the world).

    It seems to me they've already answered your support ticket, the answer is your browser for what ever reason is broken, you can take the steps needed to fix the issue or not, Funimation can do nothing on their end to fix your browser. Funimation's website is not broken, you have a simple browser issue.

    I can walk you through step by step on how to install Firefox, but if you don't want to for fears of malware then that's fine, just know it's not Funi's fault but your own.

  • @cloudkicker:

    Stock, I will tell you same thing I told funimation. Im tech challenged, I hire professionals to do the work for me. I put enough money into trying to get that shop working.

    Have you considered bringing your computer into, like, Best Buy or somewhere to get it cleaned and rid it of all those viruses

    In retrospect it's probably a great thing that some virus on your computer is not allowing you to access the shop, because otherwise someone would probably have free access to your credit card info with all that malware

  • @cloudkicker:

    I hire professionals to do the work for me

    Sounds like a job for them, then. :)
    Could be malware, could be you have an ad-blocking software that preventing the shop working right (one of my other browsers is like that).

  • Look I dont know how the bext buy is by you riles, but the one here doesnt fix problems, they cause them. So No I will not let best buy near the PC ever again. It is not a virus, malware, or ad blocking problem. The only viruses, malware problem I had is when I was dumb and tried to work with the funi support ticket holder and installed that screen picture software. The problem is not on my end. I appreciate your thoughts/help, but please dont trouble shoot my pc when you cant see the problem.

    I just want a different route to be able to order an exclusive other then the broken funi shop. I can live with out the shop as long as I can get the product a different way!

  • *The shop isn't broken, your browser is broken, it's fine if you don't want/can't take the steps to fix your issue but you're kindof out of luck.

    Now if Funimation set up alternative ways to order they open themselves up to a lot of risks, and a lot of headaches/lost man hours.

    Honestly I don't see Funimation ever putting up an alternative payment system, you'll either have to bite the bullet and fix your issues on your end, or just use Rightstuf and forget about the extras.

  • @cloudkicker:

    The problem is not on my end.

    All anecdotal evidence so far points to the contrary, but that's your sausage.

    Good luck finding an alternative.

  • @cloudkicker:

    It is not a virus, malware, or ad blocking problem. The only viruses, malware problem I had is when I was dumb and tried to work with the funi support ticket holder and installed that screen picture software. The problem is not on my end. I appreciate your thoughts/help, but please dont trouble shoot my pc when you cant see the problem.

    You state with authority that it isn't a virus or malware problem, and that it isn't a problem with your PC, but admit to being tech challenged. Do you not see the conflict with those two statements?

    I would assume that "screen picture software" you installed was actually remote access software; likely TeamViewer or something similar. By chance did you have to read off a number or code to the support person?

    Other people have stated it works fine for them, so how do you explain that if it isn't a problem on your end?

    I haven't seen a description of the problem you are having, but I can report that I had no problem adding the Attack on Titan Exclusive to my cart and beginning the checkout process.

  • I also admitted to having not 1, but 2 computer professionals giving me those exact same answers. Since these guys been keeping my computers running flawlessly for 15yrs, I have no reason not to believe them.

    Screen shot program was just to take a picture of the underconstruction looking page. I was able to take the screen shot and email it to the funi staff. As for reading some code or something, there was no code required, but I may be mistaken considering just after the first screen shot i was able to do, my pc went and froze up solid. Couldnt even do a proper shut down. So my mind was was kinda in What the heck just happened dreamland.

    How do I explain isnt not a problem on my end.
    1. - 2 professionals tell me its not on my end.
    2. - I order from over at the least a 100 different websites a year and dont have a problem.
    3. - Went to a few stores and found that some pcs do work with the funimation shop and some do not.
    4. - My computers are not that old (4 years max) and have been running flawlessly since the purchase date.

    Cant even get the shop page up anymore! Now it just freezes up the pc! Before it looked like it was underconstruction!

  • The under construction page was set when the website was well… under construction.
    Now that the website has been finished those images aren't even on the server anymore, the only possible way to get them would be a cache on your end.
    To make websites open faster a browser will save certain files, kindof like getting all the ingredients ready before you cook so you don't waste time getting them later on.
    There is an issue sometimes when your browser gets everything ready to load the website, but the website has changed (like when they opened the new site), your browser gets mixed signals and ends up showing what it thinks is the correct site (in your case the under construction page) but in fact it should be the new up to date web page.

    That's what this issue sounds like to me, can't tell for sure since I'm not tinkering with your computer, but its the only reason I can think of as to why you're seeing a page that no longer exists on the Funimation servers.

    This is a pretty simple issue to resolve (For chrome: Options - settings - history - clear browsing history (where it says past 1 hour, click on this and change it to since the beginning of time) and make sure Cookies and other site and plug-in data/Cached images and files options are checked).
    Here is how it would look:


    Note doing this doesn't change anything on your computer, it just clears up old files that websites have pre-loaded onto your computer to make them run faster, they will be re-downloaded the next time you open the website. The only issue with doing this is the next time you load a website it may take half a second load but will be completely normal afterwords.

  • IM NOT INSTALLING ANY MORE SUGGESTIONS! I dont want extra browsers installed, no more try this programs! As for cookies, cache, temp files, passwords, form data, history, ARE ALL DELETED AUTOMATICLY EVERY SINGLE DAY! And I know its actually getting done, because I have to retype passwords in each day, retype in web sites that i was at the day before, search historys are cleaned out daily in all the search engines i use (yahoo, google, askjeeves.com, msn, etc.). Just for kicks and giggles I just did it all manually today. The shop still dont work.

    I dont know whats more frustrating The shop not working, the half azz trouble ticket replys (2 month + waiting multiple tickets), zero ability to follow up on the ongoing trouble tickets, only 1 form of contact (this crappy forum where mods lock every thread that dont swing in thier favor like a dictatorship), only 1 location to order the exclusive, lack of information/ answers, total lack of flexibility in every shape and form, and total lack of foresight! Very annoying, frustrating, ridiculous, and getting tired of the runaround. You guys truely made a site that works funi! Going to go put a order into rightstuf.com for some sentai, nisa, and viz animes on thier working web shop!

  • only 1 location to order the exclusive,

    Kind of the point of "exclusive". ~_^

    Tell your troublemonkeys to get crackin'.

  • @cloudkicker:

    IM NOT INSTALLING ANY MORE SUGGESTIONS! I dont want extra browsers installed, no more try this programs!

    Then I am not certain what you hope to accomplish here.

    You seem to be convinced that the problem is on Funimation's end, despite no one else apparently having the problem, and you've effectively refused to take any more troubleshooting steps on your end.

  • @cloudkicker - I am sorry if you haven't heard back from our billing department or our feedback department about the tickets you have submitted to them. Neither Sophie nor I work for either of those departments, so I can't comment on what the status of your inquires are with them.

    Unfortunately, as the tech department has explained several times to you, your operating system set up is unique, and what you are seeing in IE 9 is just a style error, something that we know is happening for IE 9 users. However, most users have upgraded to the much more prevalent IE 10 or IE 11, or other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome at this point. In addition, the style issues do not actually prevent you from using the shop to make purchases, they just make it a LOT harder to know what you're looking at.

    We have not ever been able to reproduce this same issue on any of the other supported browsers for funimation.com. If we cannot reproduce an issue, we have two options– either we cannot fix the issue, because we cannot reproduce it, or we need extensive information on the issue from a user. This includes screenshots. I am sorry that the program you downloaded apparently contained viruses, however that particular program is a legitimate product from a legitimate source and a large number of people also use that program without any virus or malware issues.

    Both the tech department and the users in this thread have suggested a number of workarounds for this issue, namely using a different browser. It is possible that that is more difficult due to your other unique operating system circumstances, and I appreciate that.

    I am closing this thread because you are not interested in any of the information provided in it by our users, and there is nothing else anyone from our tech department can do for you through this thread.

    However, I do have a new idea about how to assist you with this issue, and an agent will be in contact with you shortly via e-mail.

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