Magic Tree House

  • Things have changed since I was last here at FUNimation Forums.
    After searching I haven't found any leads that anyone had posted or even mentioned this movie.

    I stumbled upon this film by accident. I didn't even know it existed until I found a link to it.
    (Mind you I will not post the link because that wouldn't be legal.) Although, regrettably had I not downloaded this film, I would never have known how good a movie this was.

    This film reminded me of the days when 2D animation was still at large and people could indulge in a timeless fantasy classic. A cross between Little Nemo in Slumberland (also created in Japan) and The Pagemaster (without Macaulay Culkin), this film truly makes for a perfect Disney-like film that really should be shared and in English.

    After having searched long and hard for an English Licensing Company I couldn't find anyone who had picked this up. Being 2012, I was deeply saddened by this. But then again, I remember that it took several years for films like Oblivion Island to be released in English as well, thanks to FUNimation… (One of the few films I actually saw by FUNimation that was sold at a Walmart... that almost never happens.)

    In short, I wonder if anyone else saw this film, or if there are others who are just as surprised as I was when they saw it... Though anyone who can say they saw it will be admitting that they had to have seen it by not so legal means...

    The film was created by Media Factory, which FUNimation does a lot of releases by. So, I'm hoping that FUNimation can uncover this film and possibly bring it to light for others to see whether by simple webcasting or my preferred method: Dubbing and Distributing.

    For those interested in visiting the Japanese Website:

    I'm hoping that this is something that I'd be able to share with my kids, but in a language they'd be able to understand… Granted I could just have them watch SUBs, but I'd also like to contribute to the Japanese company that created the film to show that I really appreciated their work.

    I know that I can't influence FUNimation... but then again, perhaps I could say that I pushed Shakugan No Shana Season II by requesting it over and over, and it seems to have worked. (along with Toaru Majutsu no Index... ah I mean A Certain Magical Index...)

    As an animator myself, I can't help but get excited over works that compel me to watch for the sake of art and animation.

  • Here, let's move this thread to the Anime forum, so it can get some exposure, and maybe some conversation. FUNimation General is more for things pertaining to the company, and I wouldn't want to see it get buried under all that.

    Anyway, I haven't had a chance to see the Magic Tree House, myself; I'm just very lazy, and I don't always have a chance to see every anime right away. I'm gonna vote for it to be licensed. I think it would be perfect for FUNimation.

  • I'd buy it in a heartbeat, loved the books as a kid.

  • Hmmm… Interesting. While I don't think this movie is really FUNimation's forte, perhaps a company like All the Anime could make it the focus of another Kickstarter project.

    After all, Mai Mai Miracle turned out to be a success. That not only got funded, it also hit the stretch goal for the English dub.

  • @SpacemanHardy:

    I don't think this movie is really FUNimation's forte

    Oblivion Island. Based on FUNimation's main line-up this one didn't seem to match either.

    Just Sayin'
    Found a post on YouTube

  • Production I.G. bundle + distribution only. Just saiyajin. ~_^

  • When I hear Magic Tree House, I think of.

  • Wow, I almost forgot about this movie. Odd that it hasn't been picked up by someone yet. Magic Tree House was huge when I was a kid.

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