Is it me or is the player kinda broken

  • i don't know but i started playing the video for this anime didn't like the dub so i switched to sub (on dub the aspect ratio was wrong) the aspect ratio changed and the player starts acting weird the funimation name is there twice and the first one is flickering and when i move the mouse away from the video the bar doesnt completely dissapear it just kinda fades and starts flickering


  • Please try refreshing the page, or just go back and select the subtitled option.

    I can reproduce the issue in the sense that it takes a moment, when I switch from dub to sub where it looks like your screenshot, but then it corrects itself in less than a second, which makes me think what you're seeing is a page load issue.

    Let me know if that doesn't resolve the issue for you.

  • it didn't resolve the issue

    if this helps any im using torch which is another version of chromium/ chrome

  • So it does this when you select sub directly as well? If it's ONLY happening when you switch, you should be able to just select the stream you want to start with from the About page for the show.

    Unfortunately, we only really support the big three browsers– I'm not sure if/how Torch is different from Chrome, so I'm really not sure what to tell you for it. Are you also seeing this issue on Chrome or Firefox? Are you seeing this on all episodes of Magikano, or is there a specific episode that has the issue?

  • its happening when i press play too although this is actually the first time i've ever had this issue

  • oh i fixed it this should be told to anyone who has the same issue right click the video click settings click the left most icon and uncheck enable hardware acceleration

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