Final Fantsy XIV: A Realm Reborn

  • So, I figured I'd start a thread to talk about ARR.

    I've practically been obsessed with it for months now.

    If any of you play, what are your favorite parts so far? How far are you into the game? Are you enjoying it as much as I am?

    I have an ilvl 86 Monk right now. I haven't really gotten into doing much with Coil yet, but I've done pretty much everything else. Right now, my focus is doing Beast Tribe quests and leveling up my DoH and DoL classes.

    What do you guys think of the latest update? Personally, I think the Hildebrand quests are a hoot.

  • I really enjoyed the game, but i can't afford the subscription, but i made it to ILvl 62 before sub ran out, right now it's probably my favourite MMORPG out. I most enjoyed the RP community the game held, the players actually WANT to RP. I also loved the glowy weapons, forgot what they were called lol and the eidolon batlles were awesome on hard mode.

  • Epic thread res time because more people should discuss FFXIV!


    If any of you play, what are your favorite parts so far? How far are you into the game? Are you enjoying it as much as I am?

    I'm enjoying the hell out of FFXIV. My favorite part is the Hildebrand side quest! I'm at endgame as of 3.30, but I haven't done all the extreme stuff yet, since I pretty much burned through story to get to Heavensward and beyond. I'm on Sargatanas, so raids are priority it seems.

    That being said, Weeping (Wiping) City is a super fun raid. I'm working on getting the gear and just need the top. I'm a 231 ilvl DRG as my main.

    With the 3.35 patch dropping tomorrow, who is excited for Palace of the Dead aka Deep Dungeon?

    My guild mates and I are going to run it as classes that we have little to no experience playing. Since my main is DRG, I'm going to try out Thaumaturge. I've never played a caster DPS, so it should be interesting. Our guy that mains a tank I think is going to be a Bard. Our white mate main is going to be a tank. I'm not sure what the fourth that mains a summoner will be. Possibly ninja?

    We're gonna record our adventures and possibly post them to YouTube and/or do a Twitch stream, so we'll see how that goes.

  • This is the FF MMORPG that came out a few years ago right?… I never quite got the story; it is like a prequiel to the destruction of the planet or something, or something, or something.

    IDK, although I know some people like FF... this game series loses me every time, I just cannot bring myself "to care" about the games, for whatever reason. Perhaps, I just never cared for the characters in any of the games; but as I see it, whether they "live or die", the "bad guys win or not", its like, meh.... -_-

    The first Tales game (of Phantaisa)? Yes, GG. "Baten Kaitos" (although yet to finish second game). Indeed. "Skies of Arcadia"? Absolutely. But Final Fantasy?.... IDK, the game just feels "pretexual": Like the games plot is self-justifying, without logical purpose.

    Perhaps, one of you could "persuade me otherwise"; nevertheless, when it comes to MMORPG, for now I will "stick with WoW" (although not actually; no active sub at moment). It would be nice to have a real-good JRPG, however, in either case...

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