00:41 Errors in HD Playback

  • We have currently confirmed and are investigating an issue where strange corruption/artifacts or a strange pause will happen at 00:41 of HD, fullscreen playback and additionally to some episodes at 00:41 in both SD and non-full screen as well, though this is not common.

    I will update this thread with any new information as it becomes available.

    You do not need to make new tickets informing us of this issue at this time.

    Issue Status

    Affects: All browsers. HD, Full-Screen playback, only. The issue is more noticeable in IE, then Firefox. It is very difficult to notice in Chrome, but does seem to occur. A small number of videos will occasionally show this issue in SD as well, or will show the issue not at full screen.
    Status: Confirmed, Under Investigation.
    Troubleshooting: Chrome has the issue the least. The issue usually only happens in full screen HD, so you can play the episode in full screen OR HD and not see the issue, just not both.

    In addition, the issue does not appear to occur if you move the progress bar at all. You may be able to cause the issue to not appear by skipping forward just a second or two near the beginning of the episode.

  • This issue is technically still occurring, however the way it is occurring no longer matches this description of the issue at all, and videos no longer share any commonalities we've been able to find on when the issue will occur.

    We are still investigating the overall issue further, however this PARTICULAR version of the issue is "resolved", in that it is no longer occurring,, so I'm de-sticking it.

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