Yato Gami and other characters

  • I have a difficult time coping with the fact that Yato is entirely precious, but also a butt-face. What I also struggle with is that many of the characters share this trait; Being entirely likeable, but also awful. I feel this shines through more in the manga, but what are some opinions on characterization in this series?

    A review on Kotaku came out the other day for Noragami, and the reviewer had a similar issue, but stated that Hiyori was out right inconsistent. I would argue that she is consistent in her given circumstances, but I have to wonder how her personality is due to change simply because she's so drawn to and connected to the far-shore.

  • I've only watched the anime and haven't read the manga, so admittedly I don't know how much was Yato's personality and how much was fabricated for the filler arc. Like, I'm not sure if his personality from being a god of war/misfortune (they weren't exactly clear on his worship status) is something that's real, or if his anxiety from Hiyori's memory loss was a real feeling or not. As far as I'm really concerned, the only two personalities I really know about him is his aloofness in his desire to get his own shrine (of which he puts off more pressing matters), and the laissez-faire adult guardian act he put on Yukine

    I thought Yukine's characterization was supreme in his whole arc, best characterized by the five stages of grief (albeit in a jumbled-up manner - I think he went bargaining/depression/denial/anger/acceptance). I really thought they put a lot of really good work into his character

    I also liked Hiyori's characterization as being an exceptionally unassuming girl that just so happened to get caught up in something she was never intended to be a part of. For once, I really liked the stylistic and metaphorical choice of adding panty shots, because they signified that all she wears is regular boring old convenience store underwear. I didn't notice anything about her personality that could be considered contradictory, since it was established pretty early on that she was really gung-ho about helping people out thanks to her wrestling fantasies

    I do not like Kotaku. They are a video game news site, not an anime site, and even then they're pretty piss poor about how they report on video gaming

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