A question about funimation?

  • So i was wondering if i bought a sub for SAO season 3 this july would it also be on here this july? and have subtitles?

    -Example it airs july 25 [random date] would it be on here like on the 26th?

    Thanks for answers!

  • SAO is an Aniplex title so Funimation will not be able to stream it on their website. Aniplex titles usually stream on Crunchyroll and Daisuki, and it will be simulcast in July with English subtitles.

  • I got your PM; it seems you have PMs disabled so I'll just post my reply here.

    Overall, I think Crunchyroll is the better service when compared to Daisuki because they offer far more shows, but they do require a subscription to see the new episodes as soon as they are uploaded. Free users have to wait a week before they can watch them, and the videos are ad supported. If you haven't used their site before, they offer a 2 week free trial of their membership program, and then it's $7/month. If you're going to watch more than just SAO, then I'd recommend Crunchyroll with a subscription. If you just want to watch SAO, then Daisuki's better in my opinion since you don't have to pay to watch the newest episodes.

  • Where are all these sudden questions about SAO coming from? Are THAT many people confused about just who licenses the show?

    People, PLEASE. Not every anime is automatically picked up by FUNimation. Please do your research before asking questions like this. -_-

    Locking this now.

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