What's the difference between regular and limited edition sets?

  • Other then the price that is….both have DVD and Bluray as choices....so what's on the Limited edition that's not on the regular edition?


  • Usually the only difference is the inclusion of an art box, and sometimes some sort of other extra like an art booklet. The content on the discs is the same.

  • Yeah, Its purely packaging, normally just a hard, cardboard like box that your case slips into. Sometimes there are extra goodies, but those change for each release so check out Rightstuf or another online dealer for the details.

  • It's actually usually better to just buy the limited edition set, even if all you get is a nicer box on the outside. Reason being, you pay $5 for standard shipping and if you spend over $50 you get free shipping. Well most new releases on BD are $48 somethin while the special edition of the same thing is $52 somethin. After shipping you end up spending like a dollar more for the standard edition, so you might as well buy the special edition lol. Example: Ben-to and The Devil is a Part Timer will both save you a buck by actually buying the limited edition, as of right now anyways. This is of course, only if you are buying through Funi.

    They are right though, I've picked up a couple of special edition BDs and all it was was a nice outer box made of solid cardboard, thought it was kinda nice since it was for a two part piece of the series. Just gotta read the details and see if anything extra is included.

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