18 minutes a week. Will I die before it ends?

  • Hi everybody.

    I subscribed just to say this: there is a point where, for my personal tastes and opinion, I start to let go a series which I like.
    This point is when I realize that the writers are making it veeeeeeeeery long, and I realize that I have no more the age, the time, and the wish to follow something which I need who know how many years more to see coming at an end.
    One Piece episodes are 23 minutes each. But take away opening song and all the BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING and absolutely USELESS repetition of the last episodes, and you have 18 minutes.
    This is what they are giving us each week.
    So, at least give us 30 min episodes, and I min 30, not 30 minus 10 of "what happened in the last episodes", because I remember very well what happened in the last episodes, and if somebody missed them, he will surely watch them before watching the last one. And if somebody is watching One Piece for the first time, he will surely have the chance to understand if he likes the series or not, without need of you repeating each week what we already saw!!!
    30 clean round minutes full of action! And do not take other 20 years to put an end to it. Things cannot last forever. End this, and create another one.
    And please, it is already a pain that one has to wait a week for a new episode, if then it comes to those episodes which are 100% only repetition of the past, I fell like wanting to just say goodbye forever to One Piece.
    Or those weeks where there is nothing coming. I mean, hey, are you seriously making ONE episode per week???? Then do TEN now, and then do one per week, so that in those weeks where you have holidays you have a reservoire of episodes ready to be sent.

    You would not exist without us.
    Give us some love and respect.

  • Ah, and a last thing: be COHERENT. Usoppo was one of the worse character ever created. It was so annoying to ear him screaming all the time, that I was about to just quit.
    You finally sent him to that island, he became brave. And now he is again the same idiot of before, just with some fancy plant shots.
    When he and Chopper start screaming together, which is the 50% of One Piece, it is really a cheap and annoying gag. Seen and reseen again and again. BOOOOOOORING. Go further, you have more than that, be creative, let character evolve!

  • Toei is/was probably getting too close to where the manga currently is/was when they started working on the episode, so it required some stretching to let Oda get further ahead.

  • Twopieces, I want to ask you a question:

    Do you honestly think FUNimation actually makes One Piece?

    Because they don't.

    One Piece is a Japanese TV show that airs weekly in Japan. It's 23 minutes long instead of 30 to allow for roughly 7 minutes of Japanese commercials. The 3 minute recaps are there for Japanese viewers who missed the previous week's episode.

    The show itself is produced by Toei Animation. FUNimation is just the North American distributor for the show. FUNi can't make the show 30 minutes long, they can't get rid of the recaps, and they can't change Usopp's character. All FUNimation can do is license the show for North America, dub it in English, and put it up on this website and on DVD so that you can watch it. They have absolutely positively ZERO creative control when it comes to the production of One Piece.

    The 23 minute episodes aren't going anywhere. The 3 minute recaps are still going to be there, although I'm sure certain episodes won't use them. Usopp will stay the same loudmouth coward as he is now unless Oda decides to change him again.

    These are the facts of life. Sorry if it's not to your liking. :hmm:

    If you want further info, I wrote a rather lengthy explanation here on the forums. I do suggest you read it. It'll help explain a few things:


  • Shows like One Piece are intended for the adventure, not the ending. If you're watching One Piece and wondering how it's going to end, you're looking at it entirely the wrong way. As far as most people should be concerned, the story ends when you stop watching it

  • Riles, I know the meaning of "Adventure", and I generally prefer to answer to people in a different way than you did, more offering my opinion rather than contradicting theirs.
    If you watch One Piece with that attitude, it is your attitude, I do not think you should tell people which attitude they should have.
    Such things are rather personal.
    I watched every single episode of it. The adventure start becoming boring. That is what I mean.
    I know what you mean, I understand it. There is a moment when one thinks "oh, it is so cool, I hope it will last forever".
    I had it, I enjoyed it a lot. I waited for each new episode.
    But as Spaceman says, "it is life". And everything in life has got an end. That is life.
    After so long of watching it, I wish to see it coming to an end. And be sure, they CAN make an end which is not an "END", like in life, where e every end is also a beginning, a transformation, a passage to a new phase.
    The end of One Piece I do not imagine it as something boring. I imagine it as something glorious and still open, where people can see that he achieved something which opens to him a new world of adventures, which we will not see, and this is also cool, it is ok.

    Spaceman, I just found this place more accessible than the most Toei places. And I do not have anyway the lesser hope that such a message as mine would be ever read and even less taken into any consideration, by Toei. So, I was not really writing with the hope of getting any result.
    Just to express my thoughts/feelings.
    But if know of any place (other than Facebook, which I hate) where people can write in a Toei forum with a reasonable chance that their opinion are heard, let me know :)

  • I'm not sure what I contradicted since you seemed to completely agree with me about everything except the way I worded it

  • The way people say things generally show if they are thinking that there is one right and many wrong opinions, or if some things can be seen in different ways, no right and no wrong.
    If you write that I am watching it in the wrong way, I have to disagree with that sentence, no matter if then I can agree on the concept of adventure.
    I do not think there is a right way to watch something. Unless "instructions" are given.
    One Piece is not my life. Life may be seen as "the goal is the path", but I am not ready to watch a series with that kind of attitude.
    I am loosing interest in watching One Piece because I perceive that it is not going anywhere, and all is a bit (or a lot) always the same, same gags, same things. No evolution.
    As I wrote immediately, it is my perception, my tastes, my opinion. My wish.
    Although I know I am not the only one to feel like that.
    I understand you, but I think you should not tell other people that their way of watching thing is wrong, just because you have a different one.
    That is what I meant.
    Nothing dramatic anyway. I know it is somehow instinctive to express oneself like that.
    I do it too when I do not think about avoiding it :)

    So, for example, Luffy wants to become Pirate's king. We could consider that like the aim of this series, being Luffy its Protagonist.
    Evangelion was ended badly and quickly because the writer was somehow forced to end the series.
    I feel it would be a pity for One Piece to try to go on as long as people show a reasonable interest, and then close it quickly and badly when the rating go down down down.
    I wish it to finish in a good way, while people still love it.

  • [double post]

  • It's definitely not instinctive. Everything I say is quite deliberate

  • @twopieces:

    Evangelion was ended badly


    As far as One Piece, people have died already before it's ended. ~_^

  • TIL Nobu, yes, of boredom :)

    Has anybody here seen "Lost"? I watched it since the first episode.
    When it ended in that idiot way (and let's not comment that the producers had said that the characters were NOT dead), I felt I had Lost my time watching it.
    Yes, I had fun while watching it, although it was already quite a while that it was somehow boring, always the same. But I kept watching because I knew it would have ended and I wanted to see where it would have gone.

    If they plan to make One Piece infinite, they should tell it. People would at least be able to decide if they are interested in such an experiment.
    If not, probably they should end it before it becomes more childish and boring than it already became. And before they are forced to end it quickly and badly, or to cancel it without end.

    Ah, Riles, if that was intentional and deliberate, then I would ask you to be so kind to avoid it with me. I tend to be sensitive with those kind of things, you know, subjective things spoken as objective, people telling me that my way is wrong and theirs is right instead of just dialoguing on our different (and equally right) ways…
    Much appreciated, thanks.

  • @twopieces:

    Ah, Riles, if that was intentional and deliberate, then I would ask you to be so kind to avoid it with me. I tend to be sensitive with those kind of things, you know, subjective things spoken as objective, people telling me that my way is wrong and theirs is right instead of just dialoguing on our different (and equally right) ways…
    Much appreciated, thanks.

    Sorry, Copernicus. I respond to what I view as incorrect. As such, my opinions are equal parts correct and objective and I don't feel as though it is in your jurisdiction to tell me otherwise

  • @Riles:

    Sorry, Copernicus. I respond to what I view as incorrect. As such, my opinions are equal parts correct and objective and I don't feel as though it is in your jurisdiction to tell me otherwise

    I think you completely misunderstood the situation Riles.
    I never said that your opinion is wrong. I am just saying that mine is not wrong either.
    And I also do not feel as though it is in your jurisdiction to tell me otherwise.
    The problem is that you think your opinion is objective, and so all others must be wrong.
    I think that in this kind of things there is not ONE right opinion, but just different preferences which are all right (matter of tastes).
    You prefer to watch One Piece like that. I do not.
    I think that both of us are right and have the right not to be told otherwise.
    Of course, if Oda would say that One Piece was conceived without end and must be watched like that, then we would be in a different situation, although I still would have the right to affirm that I enjoy more a Series if I know it will have an end.
    But according to Wiki, Oda thinks it differently:
    "Oda originally planned One Piece to last five years, and he had already planned out the ending, but he found himself enjoying the story too much to end it in that amount of time and now has no idea how long it will take to reach that point.[24] Nevertheless, the author states, as of July 2007, that the ending will still be the one he had decided on from the beginning and he is committed to seeing it through to the end, no matter how many years it takes."

    So, I wish this end to come as soon as possible.
    You do not care about the end at all and enjoy the series as IF it would never end.
    As said, matter of tastes…

  • I'm not misunderstanding the situation at all. I'm saying that your opinion is wrong, and I don't believe it is up to you to decide whether or not what I say is incorrect, simply because your opinion (you think you're not wrong) is different from mine

    All I'm saying is that your opinion is objectively wrong. Who are you to tell me my subjective opinion is incorrect, especially by citing a lack of understanding?

  • Riles, I am not interested in continuing this "conversation".
    But you DID misunderstand.
    Once again, and for the very last time, I never said you or your opinion is wrong.
    I said it is SUBJECTIVE.
    Which means, it is RIGHT, but it is NOT the ONE AND ONLY right opinion about THAT specific matter of if people may or not feel concerned about the end of One Piece.
    You feel there is no reason to worry about the end, I feel I have reasons.
    I think this is a subjective and personal decision and approach and therefore I do not think that either you or I can ever be wrong.

    You are the only one here feeling to have the right to tell other people that they are wrong and even how they should properly watch a series.
    So eventually I am the one here who should ask you, "who do you think you are?".
    But I do not care enough to do that.

    Be good.

  • It's not a conversation, it's an argument. Conversations are for when people agree with you

    My opinion is that I am being objective. You are telling me that my opinion is actually subjective. How is that anything other than telling me I'm not right?

    What I will say I don't understand is the hypocritical route people always take to diffuse a situation once they no longer wish to argue. You don't agree with me, which by proxy means that you think your opinion is more correct than mine, but because you don't have anything to retort, you fall behind the curtain that is claimed subjectivity, as if you're suddenly the mediator in an argument. Why do so many people do this?

  • Conversations are for when people are interested in the opinion of the other and listen to each other, no matter if they agree or not.
    As long as they are open to the possibility that their opinion is not the only right one, it is a conversation, a dialogue.
    You are convinced that your opinion is the only possible right one, so there is no dialogue. This is why I said I am not interested in going on.

    I am not sure what makes you believe that I do not agree with you and that I really think that my opinion is better than yours, but maybe you are a bit projecting?
    I have lived enough to have no problem in telling you what I think of you and of your opinion, I have no reasons to say something I do not think.
    See it like this if you like: I think you are wrong in considering your opinion objective, but I think you are right in affirming that a good way to watch One Piece is considering it an adventure which finishes when you stop watching it. I have a different way to watch One Piece. But I consider my way just different, not worse nor better than yours.
    So, yes, I do believe that my opinion on the objectivity of your opinion is more correct than yours. Because we do not talk of Math, it is no 2+2, it is just a matter of tastes. But I do NOT believe that my opinion (or preference) about how to watch one Piece is better (or worse) than yours.

    The way I express myself, and the belief that very very very rarely in life there is ONE right "objective" opinion, are pillars of my way of living and I would not fake them to avoid a verbal conflict with you here.

    I hope you will understand, that I cannot answer anymore.

  • Hi, twopieces!

    As previously mentioned by other members, we here at FUNimation don't have any creative control over One Piece, nor do we have the kind of relationship with Toei where we could submit your suggestions to them. I'm sure there are ways to contact them directly about this– however, I do not have any insider way to do so, or advice, beyond that you might want to contact them in Japanese, if you do write them directly.

    This is pretty much the reason I stopped watching both Naruto and Dragon Ball Z back in the day-- I like knowing the thing I'm watching has an end date, even if that leaves me looking for second seasons of things. :D But to each their own. Lots of different anime exist for lots of different fans and kinds of fans, who like to watch things all different kinds of ways.

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