Is this website designed specifically to make it hard to order shows ?

  • I've been trying to order 3 shows for about a week now. I click the add to cart button , and the little green box shows up in the bottom and says item added to cart .

    Figuring that means it's ACTUALLY been added to my cart i add the other 2 items.

    I go to my cart ….and it's empty . So back i go again and read all 3 items again . Go back to the cart and again ....empty.

    Today i decided i would not be denied , after 45 minutes of trying i finally got the 3 items to make it all the way to my cart.

    I enter the credit card information , shipping address , etc . It asks me to log in again so i enter my information again .

    It takes me back to the websites home page ......

    Do you not want my money ? Is it not good enough for you ?

    I've pretty much exhausted my patience with this so i guess ill take my money elsewhere

  • Our support staff is always available to assist you! :) (well, within normal business hours, normally, but hey)

    You should have mail that should offer a resolution to this issue.

  • hey im having this same problem.

  • @purdy26:

    hey im having this same problem.

    Be sure to send in a ticket to and the tech team will help you out as soon as they are able.

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