Is there an index of the programs that come with the elite suscription?

  • For many years now I’ve been praising Funimation because of their approach of hiring professional actors whose day job it is to make a living using their voice and are the best of the world at what they do. I also love the, for lack of a better term, Hollywood approach they take in the making of and selling their products. And yet for all the raving I’ve done, my relationship has been all take and no give because my massive Funimation collection was procured from the two big auction sites. I am very interested in making amends by giving them my money directly but I would like to know what if I drop twenty dollars down which is the price of the app and first month payment. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem but I just picked up a new phone and tablet so money going to be tight for a while. So I would really like to know if there is an index or list of shows that comes with the elite subscription.

    :Update: The reason why I haven't tried the free version on my pc to see what shows are available is because of the credit card/pay pal requirement. Normally not a problem but I don't know if the whole Hartbleed thing is on this site or not.

  • Pro-tip 1) If you buy the subscription, you don't need the paid version of the app:
    (also available for iPhone)

    Pro-tip 2) The FAQ is your friend:


    Sophie or CJ will have to address your Heartbleed question.

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