Inuyasha the Final Act.

  • The original series ran from 2003-2014 on Adult Swim. They just lost the rights to air it with no word if they are renewing it. The dub of Final Act has been out for a while now. When, if at all do you think it will finally get a TV run? If the original can run that long and bring in good ratings over that many years what is stopping them from attempting to get the rights to air the sequel?

  • Will I for one would like to see Yu Yu Hakusho to be brought back on Adult Swim again.I remember that it used to be on Adult Swim back then playing during on Saturdays or was it on Toonami when it used to be on there during on Saturdays during at night it played.But I really do like to see some old style classic animes back in the good old days.

  • The First couple Season of Zoids or Yu Yu Hakusho would be nice to see brought back on Toonami.

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