Code: Breaker Dub Cast and Preview

  • The cast looks pretty good. I can't wait to see the scenes where Micah's and Todd's characters, who are rivals, interact. The one thing that bothered me is that in the preview Jackie Ross, who plays Sakura, didn't pronounce Ogami's name correctly. As someone who is familiar with how the name's are supposed to be pronounced, I found this mistake fairly comical. However, mispronouncing the main character's name probably isn't the best idea, especially not in such a serious scene. This has happened in a few of Funimation's dubs lately. For example, Kogami isn't pronounced correctly by the Kate Oxley who plays Akane in Psycho Pass. Maybe this is something Funimation can look into on future dubs.

  • Let's put this in the Code: Breaker forum where it belongs, kay? ~_^

  • Micah Solusod has had more chances then I can remember to pull off the "tough guy" character and it hasn't happened yet. I don't know if it is the direction, the writing, the show or the man himself but there's something that makes the combination of him and these roles like oil and water.

    Maybe this will be the time that he doesn't strike out at the plate. He has to have figured out how to at least get on base in this situation by now. That's all he has to do, so long as the rest of the cast can get him home. With Colleen Clinkenbeard directing this one and much of the listed cast being "battle tested" veterans I'd like to say that's a sure thing but I won't bet on it.

  • this wasn't really a good show, so I've sort of forgotten parts of it, but Ogami wasn't really a tough guy. that role was Hitomi's, David Matranga's character

  • The initial dub clip on YouTube featured a dead dog, so that's reason enough for me to avoid this show entirely

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