Cloudy like smudges on new DVD?!

  • So I bought a NEW copy of Ikki Tousen GG and I happened to hold the disc up to a light and noticed these milky like smudges on them. Anyone know what this is and should I worry? I bought it off the Amazon Marketplace and am not sure if I can return it.

    1. Do they wipe off?
    2. Do they affect playback?

    If the answer to 2) is yes, then you have legitimate grounds for a return.

  • ^ what he said. See if you can lean of the smudges and then see it they hinder the play ability of the discs. If so, contact either funi or the store from which you purchased the series.

  • No they don't wipe off, sometimes it does skip a few frames but I assume it's do to the fact that I am watching in VLC.
    I haven't finished the series yet I watch a few episodes every now and then. I am more worried about the longevity of the DVDs themselves

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