Pyscho-pass hulu

  • I thought I was paying for a Funimation no-ad Subscription. If I wanted HULU and all the add's I'd pay them 8bucks a month.

  • It doesn't look like you're registered as a subscriber.
    You should turn in a support ticket and get that straightened out.

  • That's a good suggestion, because it works fine on my phone with the Sub. Just on the website I have trouble.

  • Good afternoon Funimation, I know you guy"s are getting ready for or probably already at Animefest Dallas, but I was hopping you could explain why PSYCHO-PASS special edition isn"t sub licensed to hulu/ hulu plus since this pass Thursday 8/14/14 morning. I called Hulu yesterday and they just said they lost the license to simulcast the special edition episodes. but the full season 1 sub & dubbed episodes are still up.

  • Just curious–-went to Hulu and I noticed that for season 1 of Psycho-Pass they only have 4 episodes available and they have all of season 2 available. I was wondered what happened there. :(

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