Anime and their OVA's not having a subbed option..?

  • This is my 2nd time running into an anime where the subtitles aren't available for the OVA's (first time being Black Butler, this time being FMA Brotherhood). Why aren't the subbed videos available? I'd rather watch in subbed and not dubbed…

  • I think this might have something to do with the way they actually get the OAV's and not necessarily their personal preferences. In other words, if a subbed version is NOT available or even offered when it is bought, there's not a lot the buyer can do. Funimation is not to blame for this problem and should not be blamed for any misinterpretation. I do wish they would inform the consumers of this problem ahead of time, but sometimes there just isn't enough time to do so.

    I sure wish Funimation would warn the fans of these issues on the cases or something so this problem would not happen in the future. And here I'm sounding more like someone from a customer service forum than a fan but sadly, I'm sure you've probably heard this from them too. I just wish they'd be more careful with which versions of the OVA's they are getting before they buy them.

  • Answer 1:
    Funimation will never elaborate on contracts and/or why something is or is not offered, we can only speculate on the reasoning.
    Answer 2:
    Both shows have subtitled versions available through their physical release, are you referring to the free/pay internet streaming?

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