Any good online stores

  • FUNimation has a great store, but I was wondering if anyone can tell me some good online stores that sell anime and/or manga for a good price and good or free shipping in America? I would also take some suggestions for irl stores near Evanston IL.

  • ^ what he said.

    Also for NIS America releases their own online store always has cool little extras, and good bundles on older series.

  • For anime:
    Robert's Anime Corner Store

    For manga:
    Barnes and Noble
    Book Depository
    Books a Million

  • Oh yeah, another great tool is, when you search an anime it'll show you all the releases for that show/manga.
    When you click on a certain release it'll show you the prices from most online retailers and the link to get them.
    I've used it a lot, especially on older series with multiple releases.

  • Amazon - Manga, Anime, & Collectables all for a much lower price.

    The only place I go to buy my anime.

  • There is a site called [website name removed],You should try that they are having good content and because i have tried them personally i can say they are really good at it.
    Basically there is nothing bad with being with something that you personally prefer using and it should be like that.Amazon is a good place for you also.

    EDIT: Please don't link to or suggest illegal anime streaming sites. - SH

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