THANX FUNimation!!

  • I've been looking for awhile now for a good anime site with a decent library and good quality stream. By some weird series of clicking I ended up at FUNimation's site which I gladly started perusing through to my enjoyment. Now I'm not sure about most of you but I was mostly using free anime sites and basically dealing with poor quality videos for most of the older titles which was a little aggravating considering that a good portion of the enjoyment of watching anime is visual content. So after seeing FUNimation's extensive library I thought to myself this is too good to be true and naturally I signed up for the free trial almost immediately to test this site for myself! I've re-watched maybe 4 to 5 shows since the trial started and I have to say it was an easy choice to subscribe to this awesome site considering I can re-watch certain anime in dub or sub (if available) and most of all the great quality of their video and stream for all their shows. So with that said I would like to thank FUNimation for making this experience available because in my opinion 8 bucks a month is so worth the amount of time I'm entertained. THANK YOU FUNimation!!!!

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