Gay/Bi Male protagonists?

  • What films or tv shows do you have that have a gay/bi male protagonist or would be of interest to a gay/bi male viewer?

  • The sole yaoi show is Loveless, IIRC.
    Creating Yaoi anime is basically akin to throwing money in a barrel and lighting it on fire. That's because the massive majority of the market are otaku…who obviously aren't into that stuff. So, as a result, it's not really produced.
    Sorry, but I think that answers your question.

  • rightstuf/nozomi entertainment has both Junjou Romantica and Gravitation. Junjou Romantica is available on their YouTube channel

  • It's not exactly Yaoi, but there were certain scenarios in the Black Butler anime/manga that poked fun at a gay relationship. I can only think of one at the moment, but it caught me off guard.

  • My current favorite is Fairy Tail. I like that it plays to all genders and orientations but doesn't ruin it with anything too heavy.
    There is a lot of good stuff out there and the changing attitudes over the past couple of years toward orientation is why you are seeing more awesome stuff that is more inclusive.

  • There's not a lot out there where it's explicit that either the main character or a major supporting character is gay, but there are a lot of shows where there are hints of things.

    It's a bit tough if you're a gay/bi male looking for that kind of thing as most of the shows that do have more homosexual overtones are aimed at a female audience. (Which doesn't mean you couldn't enjoy it, of course!)

    People have mentioned a lot of classic shows. More recently, I'd second a recommendation for Black Butler (mostly just because it's also just a really good show) and add Devils and Realist. Gravitation and Earthian would be my more classic recommendations, as well as pretty much anything by CLAMP (though see previous comments about things being aimed at a primarily female audience).

  • Try the anime Ai no Kusabi (1990's) and Ai no Kusabi (2012).

    The 2012 is a remastered version of the earlier version.

    Although, the remastered version will only take you 1/4 of the way through the earlier series.

    Feel free to check out some other titles on the for Yaoi:


    Also, check out the aarinfantasy forums since they are a dedicated Yaoi community.]([]=33[/url]

    Also, check out the aarinfantasy forums since they are a dedicated Yaoi community.)

  • You should look into this delightful little show called "Boku no Pico".


  • @SpacemanHardy: Oh you.

  • Nightwalker: The Midnight Detective had a bisexual lead. It's very old though, 1998, and only ran 12 episodes. I rented it back when you could do that sort of thing so I have no idea how easy/hard it's to find. I remember liking the show well enough, but only saw it once when it first was released so please look into it first.

  • Can't believe I forgot Nightwalker. Still one of my favorite anime (it's not very good, but it reminds me of Forever Knight, but an anime, so it's got a soft spot in my heart.)

  • There is Akise Aru from Future Diary. He's an interesting and well-done character, and takes a major part in the story, although he's certainly not the focus of it.

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