Welcome to Pandora (An Avatar Discussion Thread)

  • This is a discussion thread of James Cameron's Avatar. It's one of his great films next to Terminator and Titanic. I heard that it's getting not one but three sequels, starting with Avatar expecting to enter theaters in December 2016. What are your thoughts about the first movie, which is undoubtedly epic in terms of technical and visual effects? What do you expect in the sequels?

  • I enjoyed the movie, yes, I'll admit that it's more or less Pocahontas with aliens, but it had some great special effects, a cool world for its setting and Sam Worthington was a great lead for the movie. So, without going into too much detail, I liked it, it was an enjoyable ride, it did get a little preachy at times, but whatever. I'm sure I will go see the next movies as they come out, as I'm sure everyone else will as well.

    As for how it stacks up with James Cameron's other work, I did like Titanic, but mostly for the climactic sinking scene, but Cameron's other movies I like, well, there's Terminator 2, Aliens and True Lies.

  • Smufey cats.

  • At this point in his career, James Cameron could make a thirty-six hour documentary about the manufacture of cottage cheese, and I would probably be a fan of it. So, yeah; rock on the Avatar goodness.

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