Inside Gekkostate (The New Eureka 7 Discussion Thread)

  • 9 years has passed since the beginning of the show
    8 years since it ended and broadcast on Adult Swim
    A show of 50 episode aired in 2005-06

    In honor for the rerelease of Eureka Seven, now licensed by FUNimation, this thread was made for fans of the series and newcomers alike to talk about favorite and least favorite moment of the show.

  • I have a question should the show should have killed off some of the good guys? Renton, Eureka, the rest of the Gekko State they get off scott free without any casualties, that is one thing that seperates it from Gurren Lagann, members of Team Gurren including the second male lead, the Holland of the series, not saying good guys didn't die in ES, there were allies of the heros that died, or characters close to one of the characters, Charles and Ray they were technical villains to everyone except for Renton, but their death was not present in a traditional villain death in that was suppose to be tragic, anyway non of the people from the good guys died, heck they didn't even kill of Jergens.

    What if when he fought the END to buy Renton and Eureka time to get over the wall, that Holland died. And the fact that he was going to be a father only makes it more tragic, and how more accurateness it would it be later on when Dominic joins the Gekko State crew, it could have been great for a story telling prospective, Renton and Eureka save the life of the pilot that killed Holland, so much drama. But I don't want Holland to die, he is awesome.

    But in a way, I think the no casualties of war ending is one thing that seperates it from the pack.

  • Holland didn't die in the series. If I'm wrong, tell me.

  • No Holland didn't die. I was just asking should he and some of the Gekko State members die to show that war has casualties. like they do in other series.

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