Why is it not streamed?

  • funimation plz

  • Anything in particular? Because here's the list of what's available:


    P.S.- Ignore the word "anime" in the header, they're all live-action. ~_^

  • Yeah, you need to be a little bit more specific there, Moneysenpai.

  • This thread seems to be in reference to the live action movie Mushi-shi. I too am wondering if it will be available as a stream here. Last night I discovered the page for the movie and got all excited to settle down and watch …. only to discover there was only the trailer available. Will a subbed version be available anytime soon (please don't bother with a dubbed version, anime and Japanese live action stuff never provides anything near what the actors are really saying when it's dubbed. So much is always lost in a dub so I avoid them if at all possible). Sorry about going off topic but will the Mushi-shi movie be available for streaming? and if so when? Also, the guy who provided the single review so far has to be way off mark, from the trailer you can tell this is going to be awesome.

  • This post is deleted!

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