Episode 1

  • Hey was that an orgasm we saw the heroine have while being breast fondled? Too much. And, the penguin lackeys … "front tail" eh? Right. Hanging out next to stairs, looking up girls skirts as they climb or descend ... ah the carefree live of youth! ... HENTAI! I love it. Did anyone notice that the penguin robot was 'obviously' male and Diamidaler was female? Final attack: bukake! LOLROF

  • I'm confused, are you praising the episode or bashing it

  • Well, the whole series is a spoof of other anime in the same genre. And, since the whole thing is 'tongue in cheek' I thought I'd respond in kind. Spoofs are supposed to be outrageous and that's perfectly fine. It's all fun in its own way.

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