Maken-Ki Season Three???

  • Main question: Are there going to be any more Maken-Ki anime episodes/seasons? I WANT TO SEE MORE!

    I watched all the anime episodes of Maken-Ki. I really liked the first season, but the second season was just un-related "fun" episodes (except the last one, which was a flashback episode). I would really like to see more episodes because the series is left unfinished. I want to see the relationships between Takeru and Haruko / Takeru and Inaho grow! After the first season, it just stopped. I liked seeing the jealousy of Haruko! I would eventually like to see who marries who and that stuff.

  • There are currently no plans for additional episodes or a third season from Xebec

  • Unless they would plan on doing the a actual story and not pulling more R+V, lets just do it for the Fan service stuff, Then I would support more. But based off the last season. I doubt they'd do the real story so I say please no more.

  • Nothing has been said at this point, and this post isn't in the right section.

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