Regarding Orders Placed online, Didn't think about this till now

  • but if I order two series and ones already out on box set and the others still not yet released (4/29/14) will I not receive either until the later is released?

    I suppose it's not that big of a deal, I am more or less asking so I know for future purchases…

  • It depends on where you're ordering from.

    Amazon will ship anything that's currently available out immediately while putting the other stuff on backorder. RightStuf will usually wait two weeks or less before shipping out the stuff they have in stock if you place an order with an item that's not out yet. I don't know how the FUNimation store handles their shipping because I've never ordered from them.

  • I heard that on the same purchase order, what is in stock when you buy will ship, and what is not (a pre-order for example) will ship when released separately.

  • I remember you ordered from the FUNi store; you should send out a Support ticket asking that question.

    You should also recommend that they put the answer on the FAQ for future reference. ~_^

  • yes that would be helpful since I ordered from FUNi store

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