Checkout misinformation

  • Your shopping cart is miss leading as it never states in the check out that the payments are in USD or not and the only hit to anything otherwise is the shipping is billed as CA - UPS which would lead one to believe that charges will be in CAD, but alas I was mislead by this information you should really have the currency code beside the total

    IE: Total = $55.33 USD not just Total = $55.33

  • Why would Funimation ever use Canadian currency? It should be common sense that when you're buying from a company based out of the US you'd be charged USD.

    The shipping is referring to where the package is being shipped from, CA = California, UPS for United Postal Service.

  • not the point they could easily have it coded to display the price based of Geo-location and there for should state what currency it's in if not using Geo-location, it's not nor ever has been hard to automatically implement that into there systems.

    If they didn't plan on it it's not hard to simply add USD to the end of there tag or what ever HTML tag they use for holding the total probably a simple table Total$totalprice$ - USD done that simple.

    I'm a freelance web developer I know it's very easy and not something that should ever be over-looked as most American based companies have the decency to notify you that they don't automatically convert or offer a redirect to there Canadian version of the site etc, which this has none but does not mean it can't offer the price in Canadian.

  • Interesting, I wonder how many other people had your issue.

  • Thank you for the feedback. I'll pass this up the chain.

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