Lansing Shuto Con

  • Sully from Funimation was one of the highlights of the panel on women in voice acting at the Lansing Shuto Con. I didn't see anywhere else to put this, so here we go.

  • There is an official Conventions forum here on the site.

    Moving this thread there now.

  • I agree Sully was awesome I really enjoyed her panel about her industry trip to Japan. My only complaint was that it was advertised that Funimation was going to be there and it turned out to be F.Y.E. a vendor I have access to here at home and almost refuse to go to for being overpriced and having no real selection. The guys at the table were nice but they shouldn't have advertised they were representing Funimation because as far as I was concerned they were just an other vendor no special deals or merch to offer I was very disappointed in that

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