No Representation

  • There have been no posts in this thread for eons now and that's a crime for such a solid show.

    If ever there were a "go to" example of a show that started out weak and then became awesome, and all the "weak" shown before was at that point validated as it was revealed to be part of a greater whole then this would be it.

    SciFi, plot, novel ideas and Chris Sabat playing Bruce Willis. If you haven't watched this show, you should.

  • Sidereal_presence is absolutely right, On a whim I decided to give this show a try and after episode 5 I was pretty into the story and characters and then the show just went on an emotional roller coaster ride from there. There are so many philosophical points and interesting plot devices that make this show really interesting. The reason I never bothered to watch this show before was because of the "stock image" that they're using for it on this site made it look like this show was one of those god awful quasi 3d cell animation shows and not the traditional hand drawn anime so I always overlooked this show, IT IS NOT QUASI 3D CELL ANIMATION and is hand drawn and done REALLY REALLY WELL. The art style in this show was very fresh and the lush environments just add to the depth of the world that this story takes place in. Give it a shot and you won't be disappointed! It has a really good ending and even two bonus episodes after the series that leave you with a good feeling, you can't go wrong– 5 stars.

  • So good! I never got to see the two bonus episodes, but even with 1 through 24 it was very well done. :up:

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