War on Geminar BR/DVD Audio

  • I find very few mentions of this while searching the internet so I thought I would bring this up here.
    Has anyone else who's purchased the home video release found that the Japanese language track has some major audio issues. I want to preface this by saying the folioing problem does not exist on the english track or on the streaming videos, but it is on both the Blue Ray and DVDs.

    The issue at hand is a disparity between dialog/music and the show's sound effects. When I first picked up a physical copy of the show I had already watched it about 5 times on the stream making me quite attached to the original Japanese dialog. I put it in my player and sat down to watch it with some dinner. About 15 min into the first episode I realized something was wrong. Subs naturally force you to pay more attention to the screen, but eating was taking my eyes off it (not a big problem since I've seen it many times already), and the moments when I wasn't watching seemed to be missing something. 15-20 min into the first episode is when more significant action begins to take place, this means mecha engine noise, firing guns, sword clashes, and explosions, all of which I could barely hear. The best way I can describe it is if the explosion sound effects were coming from TV speakers behind closed doors and rooms away from me.
    Because this problem also exists on all of the episodes and on the DVDs, I assumed that it wasn't a flaw with my copy but I have found only a handful of people who mention this, a recent search only brought up an Amazon review.

    Has anyone else encountered this? Anyone who owns this title but watches it dubbed, does your Japanese track have this issue? If this is a legitimate flaw in the product, Funimation, is there any chance of a release to correct this issue? After all I'm not that happy about seeing 80 or 90 some dollars just sitting on my shelf because the flaw make it impossible for me to enjoy (once it was opened the store wouldn't accept returns).

  • I can't say that I've checked out the Japanese track of this on my BDs (haven't seen the Japanese of this since the "simulcast"). I'll have to do that. Though now that I know what I'm looking for…

    Your description reminds me of the "bad old days" of issues I had with Funimation's 5.1 English tracks, only inverted, as the dialogue would sound as though it were coming in from miles away while the FX sounded as though they were in-your-face.

  • That's weird, I watched the series with the Japanese dub and never noticed anything.
    I watched using the PS3 headphones, I'll go back and rewatch to try and see if I can get this error to occur.

  • I have the same problem with both parts. Watched it with the Japanese track and all of the sound effects are barely loud enough to hear, I had to watch it with my sound cranked pretty much all the way up.

    Is this something that's wrong with every single copy, or did some people just get discs with defective audio?

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