Fairy Tail Discussion Eps 176 + (SPOILERS)

  • ! Surprise there is no thread for this, so I will start one about Fairy Tail finally returning with new episodes and for the first time streaming on Funimation.com
    ! Awesome episode, what a way to return.
    ! First of all the opening was great. Top notch animation, beautiful animated, the song is catchy. It is more J pop oppose to the usual Fairy Tail openings which are usually more rock oritented. The ending was great, a lot of NatLu shippers are going to love it. This is the first ED to featured two characters, before this every ED focused on just one character or focused on the group. So this is the first one to feature Natsu and Lucy, it was a good song, and top notch animation. I love the keychains of Happy, Charles, and Lily, nice touch.
    ! As for the episode, they added a extra secene at the beginning, to reintroduce use to the Fairy Tail guild, and give some of the voice actors who haven't worked on the show for a year some work.
    ! Everything went smothy with the pacing, and the scene with the Jade Dragon, that looked great.
    ! The Sabertooth is a jerk and got what he deserved, he is all bark and no bite I guess, and this Arcadus person, very specious, is a good guy or a bad guy? We get some clues on the mystery woman, she is not left handed and forced to write with her left hand. When this was going on with the manga, I knew who is was, and I was correct, that is all I am going to say.
    ! Great to have Fairy Tail back, and I can't wait for next week.

  • Where did you watch the latest episode? Can you please give me the link? I'll be so happy if you give me one or two… :)

  • It's here on Funimation and on Crunchyroll but it's subscribers only for now. Links to unlicensed streams are not allowed per forum rules.

  • This post is deleted!

  • That first episode escalated far more quickly than I could have ever anticipated, and there were some weird consistency issues from where the last episode left off. They explained a number of leftover questions from the start of the first show, like why dragons teach people to be dragon slayers

    There were also some really questionable transitions that kind of confused me, such as foreshadowing a future event twice in the same episode, or Jellal just kind of warping from the scene that ended the previous series to suddenly being with Ultear and Meldy

    Kind of fitting that this new series has already equaled the body count of the previous series. My previous assumption that nobody ever dies in Fairy Tail has been shaken to the very core

    The character designs were very similar, certainly similar enough to adjust to them quickly. Juvia looked the most different since she had new eyes and her hair was piled differently. Erza's hair also got more wavy and sexy. I think Wendy got taller, like she went through a growth spurt, but it may have just been the positioning of her twintails

    And boy, they sure put quite an emphasis on shipping in the OP and ED. I wonder if that's going to be a common theme for this series since they really started to hint at a number of things near the previous show's conclusion (Gray x Erza OTP for me. Screw you, Jellal)

    Overall I'm really happy it's back, but the rate and arrangement of storytelling bothered me a little. I hope it gets more coherent as they move from the introductory phase to straight manga adaption

  • when can Ep109 and up be in dubbed I want want to finish that vol.

  • Check the schedule at the top of the page to see when episodes 109-120 are being released on the site for subscribed users

  • Yay episode 176! Finally it's back :D

  • Awesome 1st ep. Got some interesting info out it about Dragon Slayers and Arachnogila. Be looking forward to much more FT.

  • @Riles : The funny thing about the shipping in the OP and ED is the fact that the manga hasn't even hinted at any of the sort.
    On the Jellal warp thing while it did happen the same way in the manga it did seem like he teleported but he is Jellal maybe he can do that

  • Hey does any one know why they haven't updated the Free Subscribers & Elite Subscribers sections in the schedule about the new simulcast episodes of fairy tail yet? Episode 177 starts airs or streams tomorrow at 1:30 am est - 10:30 pm pst please fix, and thank you

  • ! I wonder how the anime will address the whole Yukino's sister thing. Will they do like the manga and try to keep a secret or just tell us who she is. It is not that big of a secret, everyone guessed correctly when that chapter came out.

  • ! A excellent episode, great to have Fairy Tail, things are starting to pick up as Fairy Tail as a war on two fronts.
    ! I have to agree with the minister, time travel that is a stupid idea. Shouldn't focus on the past, but living for the future, which I think is the message of this arc, or at least it should be.
    ! So Yukino had a sister, gee I wonder who she could be? Funny thing is when Yukino was introduced I half joked about her resembolence to another character and how they could be related. I was sort of joking and boom this revelation happened and I was floored my half joke might become canon.
    ! Fairy Tail did a bait and switch much to Lyon's shock, and Erza looked great in that dress. She wins the fashion battle for this episode.
    ! Next episode, Fairy Tail has a secret weapon, and they unleash it next episode.

  • Saw the free version of episode 176 last week uploaded right on time to hulu, crunchy roll and here on funimation. I had a mental nerd-gazzam because I didn't know where I Wanted to watch it first.
    By the way does any body know what's the deal with those 15 second rat viral video's tat seem to be attached to all the new simulcast anime streaming on hulu and crunchy roll since last week there's a new one every day but with no clue as to what it's supposed marketing.
    P.S. still no update in the Schedule in both the free and elite pages about series 2. but hey Hulu has down as season 7

  • ! Okay we are onto the finale of the Grand Magical Games, meanwhile Natsu, Mira, Wendy, and the Exceeds are launching their own rescue attempt on Lucy.
    ! Well I told you Fairy Tail had a secret weapon, the original master Mavis and her tactical brilliance. And all the footer are eliminated included all of Quarto Cerbes and Blue Pegasus, both guild were an embarrassment to their guild, well at least Blue Pegasus has some characters I care about because of their help in the Oracion Seis arc.
    ! Meanwhile the Lucy rescue attempt hit a few bumps, I loved Happy suggestion, that would have been awesome. Though Mira's idea was smarter. Too bad they got caught and who knows what awaits them.
    ! Grey gets his rematch with Rufus, while I do think he was just a swore loser last time, still Fairy Tail members don't lose tonight, so let's see if he can redem himself.
    ! This episode went by fast, it was great, I can't wait for the next one.

  • ! What an episode, this episode just adapted one chapter and got streched into an whole episode. So we get some filler with Natsu's group, but fun filler, I like how they mentioned it was a waste of time, kind of acknowledge it's filler.
    ! Anyway Gray vs Rufus, I thought it was a great battle. I don't understand is so bitter about losing to him last time, but whatever. He got his redemption, and when Gray stripped, I was waiting to seeing Juvia's reaction weather she would go back on her promese to herself and take a peak at the battle.
    ! It was a little corny that they made a big fuzz about the heart and friendship, but that's Fairy Tail, that is their MO, than and fan service.
    ! Next episode, we meet some new characters who could cause problems for Natsu and the gang.


  • You really should start using spoiler tags for your synopses

  • Oh (in Icheya's voice) Maahhaan!! I'm really enjoying this Show more then (in Elfman's voice) A REAL MAN should. I'm all caught up through The Infinity Clock and Grand Magic Games episodes and enjoying the difference between Funimation and crunchy's free sub's.
    And with 4 episodes in and I'm already so much more pleased with the 3 free episodes I've watched then Viz's newest Naruto episodes which have been all filler for the last 2 months (it feel's like chore just getting through them.) Not what I was expecting of the Kakashi: Anbu black opps filler episodes.
    Oh and those 15 second rat commercials were as I called It a viral Marketing for a new summer TV series about a contagious outbreak.

  • ! Okay we are back to adapting two chapters. We are the end of volume 36. So we find Arcadeus in the underground prison, and Mira said Yukino looked like Lisanna, I like the manga author does acknowledge some characters look a like, yeck they did a Rave Master crossover OVA based on that concept. Well the Stratus siblings backstory did come up in the recent chapters, I am thinking is is possible Yukino a is the Stratus siblings cousin. That could be possible.
    ! So we meet the Executions, they looked to be threaten in the beginning, will they live up to the hype we will see, there job is to kill, they are very much like a assasagnation guild, only they work for the kingdom, but they are not that different from groups like Trinity Raven, though they kill in the name of justice, they only kill criminals, Trinity Raven don't care, they will kill anybody for a price.
    ! I love the little extra NatLu moments they added, it was hillarous.
    ! Anyway great for the anime to back, can't wait for next week.


  • You REALLY need to start using

    ! spoiler tags for your synopses. This isn't cool, dude

  • Riles is right, zcezs. You're putting out a lot of spoilery stuff right in the open, and it has the potential of ruining the experience for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

    I'll say this now: Either start putting your synopsis in spoiler tags, or I'm going to delete your posts until you do.

    Please be considerate to the other members of this forum.

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