SGT. Frog Sales?

  • Just wondering how much money would it FUNimation need to start dubbing SGT. Frog again? Another way to phrase it is how many DVDs do they need to sell to start dubbing SGT. Frog again?

  • A lot. They'd need to pay to license the episodes and to dub the episodes. They also need to pay for other production costs like marketing, and DVDs.

  • It would take a small miracle to say the least.

  • Not so much a miracle, but there needs to be a lot more interest in it.

  • Ughhh, I really miss this anime. I'm getting really upset of having the fear of losing this show. I'm finally gonna take a stand and preach this in my Finals speech, Spread the love for this show and hopefully expand this fan base enough for it to prosper again gradually. Then again, if Momoka were here she could just save this on her own. >,< hope this show can go on, It's time we get up and give this anime the attention deserves. P.s. Momoka, we need you. Buy as much merch as possible

  • I think the only way they could get enough interest to continue the series is if they were to market it on Toonami/ adult swim or something along those lines but its not really in the shonen/ action genres that are most popular there so it would probably be a hard sell
    which really sucks because this was an awesome show with a stupendous dub cast and a perfect example of a great localized script which was able to take the spirit of the original show and localize for a more american market without running roughshod over the original show, i liked the fact that they even mocked the time difference between dates shown in the show from when it originally aired to the "current" time a couple years later when the dubs where made

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