FUNimation 2.015 Update

  • This week, we've added some improvements to the site's usability, mostly in Queue and in Profile. We've also fixed some more things on the backend and have added a couple things to aid in customer service management.

    • Backend fixes and enhancements
    • Customer service enhancements
    • General text updates
    • Added the Simulcast Schedule to
    • /videos now redirects to /videos/episodes. That's one less click to find a new anime to watch!
    • If you have not specified your gender, your profile now displays nothing instead of displaying a "0"
    • There is no longer a blank space if you have hidden some of the widgets in your Profile Overview tab
    • Improved Queue load time
    • Modifying shows in Queue no longer causes a redirect to Profile Overview tab (This issue actually only occurred if you went to your Queue via the expanding header.)
    • Watch progress circles now update properly as you finish watching videos in your Queue
    • Added forum sidebar banners for Subscribers, Moderators, and Admins

    That's it for this week. If you notice any issues, please report them to Thank you!

  • Update:
    The below related issues will be fixed on or around Friday, April 11 are fixed now.

    • Multiple watch progress circles display in Queue per episode - one per viewing
    • Episode numbers not displaying in Queue

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