Mini A-Kon Showcase Events

  • I don't think I've ever posted about the Mini A-Kon Showcase Events I've covered over the years, but I just felt like finally sharing them here - in case anybody was interested. These videos were contracted by the City of Denton and the Denton Public Library to help promote Mini A-Kon, which they host every year in North Texas. I've been working with them these past 4 years filming and editing everything, with assistance from my friends at Square205.

    The newest video, MINI A-KON VII, was held this past February 22, 2014 and was bigger than ever, expanding to 2 locations. It can be viewed here:

    Other past events are hosted on my channel, Rubyeye Pictures, for your viewing pleasure…recognize anybody. I've seen a lot of familiar faces each year and think it would be cool if we could interview them one day to talk about their experience returning to Mini A-Kon.

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