Show's over? and whats with Episode 26? what was the meaning of it?

  • Okay so i stood up for 2 days straight watching this anime and it was freaking awesome but then i seen episode 26 and i'm like what does this have to do with the story? is this the last of the storyline? What is this non-sense? it makes no sense what's so ever?! I need more info on this Oddly stupid episode. Any info from trust worthy members will be fine.

  • I do believe episode 26 was just Studio Shaft, being Studio shaft, and Akiyuki Shinbo having a bit of fun. I'm guessing at the time, there was only enough of the manga to adapt into 25 episodes, so Shinbo used the extra to make a gag episode, completely independent of the main storyline

  • All right, from ANN's review:

    The final episode is an extra story that finally discards anything resembling logic; a twenty-five minute joke about the Mido household being stranded at sea that vents some apparently seriously repressed comic urges on the part of the director. It's a brand of comic stream-of-consciousness that strongly foreshadows the direction that Shinbo's next project, the completely unhinged Pani Poni Dash!, would take. And it's quite frequently hilarious, while still finding time for some priceless Arte cuteness.

  • So what's going to happen he's going to make another show with them in it or something and i still didn't find it that funny really? :( it did more damage then anything else but it wasn't terrible…. :P

  • Nope, show's been over for almost 6 years. Pretty sure it ain't coming back.

  • Well, that's so much butt hurt right there…. :P was hoping for at least something related to it.

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