How are you guys liking the new Flash Anime?

  • Two episodes out now, for keroro (2014), and I think they're great. They're a little short at just over 3 minutes of content, but they're really doing a good job so far. I'd like to see longer episodes, but I guess we'll have to see what Animax has in store.

  • What channel is on? I thought it was only out for Japan. I hope this means that they are dubbing more episodes of Sgt. Frog!!!

  • The new Flash Anime is not being produced by FUNimation, rather by Animax. It is Japan-only, and I'm not sure what local channel it's on, but with some careful sleuthing, it is able to be watched. They're only 3 minute episodes, two so far, so I doubt they'll be dubbed. There are some fan-subs out though.

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