To the staff at FUNimation

  • All fo these animes that I have watched truly inspired me. I have one formal request, will you please dub Highschool DxD New? The first season was truly heart warming to say the least. So if you don't mind would you do this? Not for just one fan but for all your fans

  • There already a thread to suggest anime for Funi to pick up &/or dub, and odds are they will eventually dub season 2 since season 1 sold fairly well. Just gotta wait.

  • Volume 6 (final episodes) of High School DxD New was released in Japan very recently. It's not like Funimation can release their own DVD/Blu-ray when Japan's home video releases are still fresh (and of course those reverse importation fears)

    There is a chance Funimation dubs some titles early using simulcast masters and then when they receive all home video masters from Japan the crew just sync the already completed dub to that footage. Whether it's for all series or just a few, who knows?

    Even if a dub is completed Funimation still can't release it until Japan gives the ok.

    e.g. Japan released Strike Witches 2 in a box set with Funimation's dub before a U.S. release…

    IIRC in a Blood-C interview it was said they dubbed the censored (less violent version) and there have been some audio commentaries for ecchi titles where voice actresses confirmed they dubbed the censored version that blocks nudity (bright lights, steam, etc) and then were surprised to learn later on they actually worked on a show with lots of nudity (uncensored DVD/Blu-ray release).

    In the old singles era most titles got one DVD release every few months I think it was because TPTB in Japan would only send over a few episodes at a time.

    Problem with this is:

    *sometimes home video releases have improvements in animation and while mouth flap changes are probably extremely rare, if it did happen the already recorded dub (from the simulcast/broadcast masters) would be screwed wouldn't it? Waste more time and money re-recording certain lines to match the new time code for the finalized version

    This might possibly explain the Sankarea fiasco. Dubbed early using simulcast masters. Nobody thought there were home video release changes so Funimation went ahead and released it...

    *If Funimation gets ahead of themselves and dubs a show far in advance it might hurt the chances of extras being dubbed (e.g. omakes/shorts/specials) or including a new OVA or bonus episode. Certainly would explain many of the disappointing 2013 releases with sub-only extras...

    Since the show was already completely dubbed a long time ago, TPTB may not think it's worth spending more time & money dubbing extra animation content.

    I strongly disagree if this is indeed the case which is why I hope Funimation actually waits to receive all materials before starting dub production. I don't mind waiting longer to buy a title I like if it's a quality release (time and effort put in and not rushed)

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