Spring 2014

  • I am just very curious to now that noragami is done, and so is d fragments, what new anime shows are being released spring 2014.

  • Here's the spring chart: http://anichart.net/spring

    No word yet on what Funi will be picking up.

    Looking at the chart I'm interested in:

    Black Bullet
    Hitsugi no Chaika
    Knights of Sidonia
    Soul Eater Not!

    So far at least. I usually find more that sound interesting once ANN starts their preview guide.

  • Good question. They'll probably start rolling out simulcast announcements for Spring 2014 on Monday. It'll be interesting to see what they end up with

    My seven predictions are:

    Date A Live II
    Dragon Ball Kai
    Soul Eater Not!
    Dragonar Academy
    Coffin Princess Chaika
    Break Blade
    Black Bullet

  • I think that it would be interesting if Funimation got this incarnation of Broken Blade when Sentai has the previous one.

  • My reasoning is that Funimation has been on really good terms with Production I.G as of late, what with Blood-C, AoT, Psycho-Pass, Mass Effect, and Robotics;Notes

    Then again, Sentai did just license Haikyuu (which, of all the sports choices, men's volleyball seems like a really odd one to try and revitalize the genre in North America), so they might have just as good a relationship with I.G as Funimation does

  • Data A Live II, Soul Eater Not and Fairy Tail all are pretty much definitely Funi licences. At least hopefully. I would definetly like to see them get Dragonar Academy, No game No Life and Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara. Maybe even Black Bullet.

  • My personal predictions for Funimation would be as followed -

    Fairy Tail (may be shared with CR)
    Soul Eater Not! (obvious)
    Date a Live II (obvious)
    Captain Earth
    Coffin Princess
    Dragon Ball Kai

    My personal wish is either Funi or Viz getting JoJo would be pretty sweet too as I do not think it fit Sentai very well.

  • Captain Earth is pretty much a given for FUNimation. I'd be very surprised if anyone else picks it up instead.

    Date a Live II is obvious. Fairy Tail and Soul Eater Not! might have to be shared with Crunchyroll first. Other possibilities I see are Dragonar Academy and Black Bullet, maybe Coffin Princess too.

    FUNi will eventually get the new season of DB Kai as well, but I don't know if Toei will let them do a simulcast right off the bat.

    And it'll be interesting to see if FUNimation still has any interest at all in the new Flash-animated Keroro show.

  • What about Knights Of Sidonia? That show might have some potential. I know it's going to be released on Netflix with an English Dub.

  • @Zethus:

    What about Knights Of Sidonia? That show might have some potential. I know it's going to be released on Netflix with an English Dub.

    "Who (which studio) will dub it?" being the "million dollar question" IMO.

    Like Space Dandy before it, Sidonia is a show that, on its face, is met with a resounding "meh" from me but the circumstances of its North American release intrigue me. I have that sinking feeling that this show is going to be one that I will want to support, to support its novel method of release, but cannot as the show itself is just not my thing.

  • Funimation will probably pick up:

    Date A Live II
    Fairy Tail (sequel series)
    Soul Eater Not

    Dragon Ball Kai continuation will be licensed eventually but since Funimation didn't simulcast it originally it's not certain it'll happen this time (though 2009 was when simulcasts were a new thing for Funimation and not as experienced back then)

    Keroro is a maybe but Funimation seems to have given up on Sgt. Frog

    Atelier Escha & Logy is a maybe. Funimation has picked up quite a few anime adaptations based on popular game franchises in past seasons

    Kenzen Robo Daimidaler seems likely. Same studio and director of High School DxD and considering there is confirmed nudity (which is actually a big deal to some; the ecchi genre is on a decline after 5 strong years in Japan, and there's less anime with actual nudity being made recently, U.S. is just playing catchup but eventually the number of unlicensed titles is going to dry out) I'd be surprised if it wasn't picked up.

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