I want another season of ookami san

  • I just got done watching it and I thought ok its good but how they cut you off and leave you with suspense and out of the blue they say no second season then its like what I think if you start a season of a anima don't leave every one with suspense and just stop it that what I have seen with all the other ones they start it everyone loves and they go nope no second season and start another one with out a second thought so I hope they read this and get to make new season for shows they just forget I just want new season so I just don't get cut off I loved the first one so I hope they make a better one then season 1.

  • Funimation doesn't make anime, they just license it and translate it from Japanese to English

    It's very unlikely that J.C.Staff (the studio that animated Ookami-san) is going to look at this thread. They have bigger fish to fry than a single-season series that was not well-received in terms of sales

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