Tokyo Ravens Season 2?!?

  • Just curious but does anyone know that there will be a season two? I do know that the ending in episode 24 that it leads to believe there will be more but you never know. Just need some confirmation from somebody else. Lemmy know, Thanks!


  • no news from Japan about a second season. So far, sales have been pretty bad in Japan, so it might not get a second season

  • way to early to tell dude. If it was already planned or in the works, then like other shows such as Date A Live and Log Horizon as examples, they would have announced it at the end of the ep with a clip or something. But since one wasn't put up its just too soon to tell if it will get a S2 or not.

  • I like the way this season has ended. And if there is not a second season I'm happy with this as they finished this story line. And left doors open for season 2 if it happens. I do hope for a second season.

  • Thanks guys

  • Gonna move this over to the Tokyo Ravens forum, in case any of you want to continue the discussion over there. :)

  • first off I wanna say that Tokyo Ravens deserves a second season it is purely epic

    and also Dragon0 whats that anime in your signature?

  • A second season of Tokyo Ravens would be really interesting, since it would feature a different main character. I don't know of many shows where the main character shifts roles as the story goes on

  • @Soul:

    first off I wanna say that Tokyo Ravens deserves a second season it is purely epic

    and also Dragon0 whats that anime in your signature?

    Log Horizon, good show so far.

  • This anime was just pure awesomness i do hope for s2 🙏🙏🙏

  • hope there be season 2 of tokyo raven

  • I fully agree that there should be a second season, even though I'm at episode 14 right now. Unfortunately, I looked it up and season 1 consists of the first 9 of the current 12 light novels. Those 9 light novels took 3 years to publish. If they maintain the same anime structure then they'll have about 6 more light novels to write and add in production time for season 2. I would say we may have another 3 years before season 2 is released. Granted they could make the second season shorter and shave a year or so off the estimate. I am hopeful that it happens regardless of how long it takes.

  • If you're curious read the light novels

  • i cant find anything after chapter 28 its like they all are gone, or is that where it ends? in the manga

  • Well, season 1 has not even been fully released here, yet, so I don't know if Japan has even made a season 2, yet.

  • I think there will be

  • Just finished the dubbed ep 24. Watched 13-24 without hardly leaving my chair. Epic story all the way! One of my top 5 anime easily. But I unfortunately do not see there being a season 2. I would love it. There are many things to "finish". But at most the best I hope for is a movie. As the dub has just came out today dubbed and with all the new anime out there I can see this gem unfortunately left behind. But it was a great ride. One few should miss. Magic, Battles, Romance, this anime has it all.

  • I tend to think with the ending that it tends to lean towards they knew it wasn't going to have a season 2 when it ended seemed like a pretty classic Japanimation ending to me open ended left to imagination kinda thing

  • Hello everyone, I really loved this anime all the way around. I was pretty mad when that "Scene" happened to the director, (I don't want to spoil it for anyone) but they fixed that in the last ep. So my question to all you experts out there is with all the Sales from Japan and after being released soon on Dvd in the U.S. do you think it generated enough money to make them continue the anime?? I'm not sure how much is enough success for them to deem it worthy of another season, I would also really appreciate some insight on how to find these light novels and where I can read them, and if they are free or something I have to buy in order to read. Thanks for all the help, take care.

  • Sales in Japan were pretty low for the show. Disk sales alone would likely not earn it a second season.

  • i think season 2 would surely come its for sure but time is needed you have to wait there are actually many things to be completed there could also be a third one to well i am going far but of course season 2 would come once everyone watches it this show would spread and then they have to make another season dont worry u have to wait till at least till 2016-2017 or even in this year 2015 at november

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