Dub VS Sub

  • There exists in any dub the great debate over voice actors. Didn't see a thread like this before so let's get this one started.

    Now, I generally enjoy both the dub and sub of One Piece, but there are some areas of interest. A prime example I find is Franky, in Japanese, I feel he's much more on the wacky side of things while Seitz's take is more of an over the top "Bro" caricature, both of which are entertaining in their own rights.

    However, my only grievance with the dub has been Blackbeard's VA. I won't deny that he has the laugh down and that there are some moments where he has menace but they are few and far between next to Otsuka's performance which shows both his cowardice and the terror he commands.

  • For this show I actually like the dub version more. I just like most of the voices in it a lot more then sub, especially Luffy and Frankys voice. I think the only thing I like better in the sub is garps voice. While its alright in the dub version, there is something about it that is just lacking, and I really do hope that the voice actor gets it down when we get to the marineford arc.

  • Dub cause I'm to lazy to watch long series subbed. XD. And a I really like Luffy Choppee, Ussop & Robins dub voices.

  • English ~ Japanese
    Luffy ~ Luffy
    Zoro > Zoro
    Sanji < Sanji
    Nami = Nami
    Chopper < Chopper
    Robin > Robin
    Franky ~ Franky

    Truthfully I can't decide if Franky is better or worse in English. They each bring their own thing

  • I only enjoy the Dub version. Nothing is wrong with the subbed but I just like hearing the characters talk in my language other than reading every single line. I'm not a fast reader either so sub doesn't do well with me.

  • It depends on the series but, eighty percent of the time, I am watching my anime subbed. Not because I'm some sort of anime elitist, but because I have grown comfortable with hearing Japanese, and reading subs; so much so, that I am also becoming picky with the subs. There have even been the few times that I just watched the show "raw" to keep from reading the Americanized, or otherwise faulty subs. A good case in point would be, Shinryaku! Ika Musume (Squid Girl). Both the dub and the sub were so slaughtered that I won't watch it any way but raw.

    As for One Piece, I am mixed on it. Part of me is annoyed with the key voice cast, and part of me is pretty meh on the whole thing—since I'm not that huge of a OP fan anyway.

  • personally, My preference is the dub. I started watching it that way and I enjoy watching it versus reading it. I will watch the latest episodes on crunchyroll however and I am not against subtitles.

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