Waiting on trouble ticket reply reply???

  • Put a trouble ticket in about a 1-2 weeks ago about wanting to order the attack on titan funimation exclusive from your shop that doesnt work. You responded and I sent a response back, but never heard anything more of it. I want to know how I can go about ordering it, since your shop site doesnt work for me and theres no way to order it by phone. I have no Idea how low the # of exclusives are and would appreciate a somewhat speedy response so I know what Im doing!

  • Hey there– I've talked to one of our billing agents about your tech issue, so I know they're working on some kind of reply for you. Since they're a separate department from tech support, I don't know precisely how they organize their tickets. However, I believe based on what I'm seeing that it looks like you were in contact with them late last week. Since they don't work on the weekends, if you haven't heard back it's possible that they just haven't gotten to your reply yet.

    I'm going to close this thread-- in the future, if you need updates about this kind of thing, please post in the "Haven't Heard from Support" thread, which is open for this purpose, instead of making a new thread. Thank you.

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