Improve Video Quality

  • I've noticed while watching several titles that are available both through Funimation and other streaming services that the video quality, even in HD, is significantly lower than almost all the other services I use. This includes Crunchyroll's standard definition Roku application. I'm not a video expert or a resolution snob but it seems to me that whatever compression the videos are being put through when uploaded to the video player both on the site and on the Roku channel takes a major toll on the clarity of the image and even leaves these big nasty blocks of artifacts if that is the right word.

    I understand the hurdles Funimation would have to go through to improve this but an improvement in the future would be much appreciated.

  • I think they do that on purpose so you buy the DVD or Blu-Ray.

  • I use the Roku App and the video quality is actually somewhat better than watching Crunchyroll in HD because the video isn't as compressed. Something is wrong if Crunchyroll in SD looks better.

  • I'm seeing the same thing on Roku with HD.
    There are aritifacts in darker scenes, especially on scene changes and when there are fades to black. You see remnants of the previous scene/image that almost looks like a ghost/after-image.

    It could be anything causing it, since we don't know what they do to videos, or how well the stream keeps them from being corrupted. But my first guess would be under-allocation of bitrate. I don't know what sort of bandwidth they are using for direct-to-devices, but I'd guess they are low-balling it. Dark scenes with banding in particular that would otherwise look acceptable from a physical medium, look much worse due to under-allocated bitrate as well.

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