Dbz Level Sets video vs Dragon Box video

  • Which version produces the best DBZ 4:3? I understand the Level sets where never finished and that the Dragon Boxes are out of print and personally I do not plan to buy either of these as I am waiting for a full 4:3 release on blu-ray no matter how long that takes. But just for fun which did you guys like better. I personally think despite the pinkish look the Boxes where definitely the best being finished and A DRAGON BOX I mean c'mon awesome.

  • Well imo the Dragon Boxes were the best release because of the purity, original title cards, nep, and ending credits not to mention awesome video quality. The levels would've been an all around perfect product for the general fanbase and purist alike as it was color corrected American and Japanese musical scores, it just lacked the nep and ending credits. The grain is really heavy in the levels sets, the Dragon boxes on the other hand the grain is crisp and was handled well during the remastering process, I think the reason why the grain is heavy on level sets was cause of the film FUNi has, but the grain doesn't bother me though its when you try to remove grain that's when you get detail loss and that's what I don't like. If it ain't new Anime like today plz don't mess with the art and remove grain, its suppose to be there its what gives the show life (to me anyway).If its from 1980 I want it to look like its from 1980 if your going to do a remaster do it right.

  • I agree completely.

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