FUNi acquires additional right to A Certain Scientific Railgun S

  • Flower Mound, TX (March 22, 2014) – FUNimation Entertainment announced today at their Anime Boston Industry Panel that they have acquired the home video rights to A Certain Scientific Railgun S. The series will release on DVD in two parts this summer.

    series synopsis:

    Something sinister is growing in Academy City. The shadows are filled with whispers of a project to clone one of the super-powered students known as espers. High-ranking master of electricity Mikoto Misaka laughs off these stories until she comes face to face with a copy of herself. The duplicates are real, and are being mass-produced from Misaka’s DNA, making each one of them a little piece of her.

    These clones—her sisters—are being systematically murdered in a series of experiments designed to turn a sadistic killer into the strongest esper in history. Misaka vows to save her copies and destroy the project, but this might be one fight she can’t win alone. High-energy battles and intense action explode in this continuation of the Railgun series from the creator of A Certain Magical Index.


    Yeah, more A Certain Scientific.

  • I do wish that Funimation would do us a solid and just release these "two part" things in one "complete collection" from the get-go. Then there's no worrying about when Funi will roll out Part II, no worry of not being able to find a part later on and less shelf space consumed by the purchase.

  • I've been waiting for this to be dubbed for a long time now! the fact that its happening is just awesome… dreams do really come true!!!!

  • I pounder if this will be released dub before index

  • @holydevilsword:

    I pounder if this will be released dub before index

    Well, considering they announced dub rights for both Index S2 and the movie, I'd assume those two would come out first.

    Anything's possible, though. Kinda like how Fujiko Mine came out before Michiko & Hatchin, despite the latter being several years older.

  • yea was wondering because season 1 of index started at about the seconded season of railgun

  • @holydevilsword:

    yea was wondering because season 1 of index started at about the seconded season of railgun

    I think it was more or less on par with season1 or part way through if anything. but I also thing it progressed faster than Railgun season 1.

  • oh but it's just DVD what about Blu-Ray? (sorry for the sarcasm) Can't wait till japan releases the rights to that….

  • Well someone clearly had fun with the Funimation blog with regards to this title. Is someone striking for their doctorate in anime? :D

    BTW, "Highly affectionate roommate" is really stretching it, considering that we're talking about "creepily obsessed yuri stalker who makes Shizuru from HiME look like a piker and is why we have restraining orders" :)

  • Both A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun Season 1 had Limited Edition art boxes… Will Season 2 have its own box so the set doesn't look silly sitting on the shelf next to the first two box sets?

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