Please add the ability for Streaming Videos to be Paused and Buffer all the way.

  • Seriously, Having to watch everything in Standard Edition anytime anyone else in my house uses the internet (which is pretty much always) and even then having it pause for 10-20 seconds, every 30 seconds or so… REALLY makes it terrible/impossible for me to watch anything on your site. Which is a shame, since I pay for a subscription. Also you should make an xbox 360 app. Crunchyroll has one... Neon Alley, Starz Media's Manga Section. I understand this might mess with your sales of Funimation shows over Xbox Video, but I think if that's the reason, it's a bad one. But seriously, add the ability for video to fully load. Buffering, at all, is awful. I should be able to watch HD shows when people are here, if I let them load up for a bit.

  • This should have been placed in "The Suggestion Box" sub-forum.

    The thread "Playback Issues Suggestion" is the best place for any suggestions at the moment, other than submitting a ticket to Support with the requested information that CJ has been asking for in the Funimation Help sub-forum.

    As for the Xbox 360 app:


    An Xbox app is on the way.



    A PS4 app is on the way (it will actually be compatible with PS3 and Vita as well).

  • Buffer all the way: Will not be possible. We use an adaptive bitrate player.

    XBox/PS3: coming soon.

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