Anymore episodes? i was wondering.

  • So i'm on episode 23 and i really hoped there was another season but there isn't any idea why i read something about how its creator died but that there looking for a replacement but after that it goes blank any news on if there's more episodes or not?

  • Somebody already finished the light novel story a long time ago

    The mortality of the original creator has nothing to do with an anime series that aired nine years ago

    There are no new episodes, there is no discussion for new episodes, and it's completely probable that there never will be any more episodes

    I hope that this is enough information for you so that you won't reply to me and let me know that it is still possible for new episodes to be created

  • I feel hated on these forums right now, a person can't even express and show how much they like a show anymore without critics getting at you about it, or in my case throwing it at you in the end. Critic Punching

  • There are far better ways to express your enthusiasm towards a show, usually by way of talking about what you liked about it, rather than asking a question that one can easily find by doing a simple Google search

    Basically, if you're unable to find information about something you're looking for from the big three (,,, then the information is not available. People on the forums know just about as much information as you do, so creating a thread to ask a question that's essentially already been answered after searching for it is redundant

  • Nice this thing. here.

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