English voice actors and actress of Brother Conflict

  • Ema Hinata - Alexis Tipton
    Juli - Luci - Luci Christian
    Asahina Masaomi - J. Michael Tatum
    Asahina Ukyo - Jerry Jewell
    Asahina Kaname - Bryce Papenbrook
    Asahina Hikaru - Mike McFarland
    Asahina Tsubaki - Ian Sinclair
    Asahina Azusa - Todd Haberkorn
    Asahina Natsume - Eric Vale
    Asahina Louis - John Burgmeier
    Asahina Subaru - Patrick Seitz Voice Actor
    Asahina Iori - Jason Douglas
    Asahina Yusuke - Robert McCollum Voice Actor Fan Page
    Asahina Fuuto - Christopher Bevins
    Asahina Wataru Monica Rial
    Hinata Rintarou - Travis Willingham (Official page)
    Asahina Miwa - Caitlin Glass Voice Actor
    Chiaki - Vic Mignogna
    Takao - Jason Liebrecht

  • keep in mind that this could very well end up being another sub only release. The experiment with Oniai has been a success. though, none of this matters if they don't fully license the show first

  • Was Oniai declared a success? Sub-only releases are tragic. Hopefully anime is not a "zero sum" game, that for NISA to be able to release a dub, Funi must release a sub-only (oniai) and for each Viz combopack Funi must release a DVD-only version of a show (Attack on Titan walmart exclusive) :)

    Props to the OP for including Jason Douglas alongside "the usual suspects" in that hypothetical dub list.

  • That was more me assuming it was successful since it sold out on rightstuf and amazon and more are/were on the way

  • Don't attribute sub-only releases to a Zero Sum game, Sub only releases can be highly successful, the question now is rather adding the extra of an English voice over pays for itself.
    If anime publishers see sub-only releases continue to sell regardless of a dub then we'll get more OniAis, conversely if dubs really do sell then we'll see more Toradoras and Clannads.

  • Is this the original English cast? I've been looking for it for a while now.

  • @fluffywolfgirl123:

    Is this the original English cast? I've been looking for it for a while now.

    nope, just her ideal cast. funimation has not yet revealed the cast for the show yet

  • Well, this series will have a home video release, so I am assuming there will be an english cast.

  • I totally agree with this line up for dub cast. Wish it would happen. I've watched this so many times already :)
    I don't care how old this anime is, would be a nice reboot for a dub cast :)

  • I wish they'd announce if it will get dubbed and when IDC who gets what voice just would love to see it dub and soon

  • @vfisher78:

    I wish they'd announce if it will get dubbed

    it is getting dubbed

  • I'm sorry but…no, I mean ok these voice actors are fantastic but I would switch them around a bit...

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