Karneval english cast?

  • anyone know? I found out that they are premiering it at anime detour so im excited to watch it dubbed…but i cant find any info on the english voice cast

  • no cast yet

  • Probably announced after they're finished with Titan announcements.

  • hmm i was wondering because detour is the first week of april…so it must already be ready..to view..

  • Ta-daa~


    GAREKI Greg Ayres
    NAI Sean Michael Teague
    YOGI Christopher Bevins
    TSUKUMO Jād Saxton
    HIRATO Ian Sinclair
    TSUKITACHI J. Michael Tatum
    KAROKU Vic Mignogna
    AKARI David Matranga
    IVA Jessica Cavanagh
    JIKI Aaron Dismuke
    KIICHI Alison Viktorin
    AZANA Jerry Jewell
    ELESKA Tia Ballard
    URO Brandon Potter
    PALNEDO R Bruce Elliott
    KIHARU Jason Liebrecht
    KAGIRI Tyson Rinehart
    MINÉ Anastasia Muñoz


    ADR Director – Christopher Bevins
    ADR Engineer – Kevin Leasure

  • This post is deleted!

  • I don't know how I'm supposed to visualize this just by hearing Greg Ayres' voice. I haven't seen much of this this show besides this clip, however. Without visuals or enough of the clip to give me context, when I recognize the voices of actors I know I'm going to picture them in my mind as their past characters that I most associate them with.

    Virtually everyone on this cast is a "veteran", which is cool and a bit different from other recent Funi dubs.

  • Wow. This is on the short list for "Best Funimation dub of 2014". Chris Bevins really turned it up to 11 on this one and, while the main cast was outstanding all around, Greg Ayres delivered a performance in this that should make his brother green with envy lol.

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