Unpopular Opninions-Entertainment Media Edition Thread

  • Come here to post/share your unpopular media based opinions.

    As for me…

    I Like Dreamworks Better Then Disney At This Point.

    Now I Love Frozen, and Wreck-It Ralph was great, but many other more recent Disney endeavours like POTC4, Lone Ranger, Planes & ecspecially OZ have been really big dissapointments to me personally. But i 've enjoyed many Dreamworks movies like the Kung- Fu Panda Films , How To Train Your Dragon, Rise of The Guardians, The Croods & most recent Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Also looking forward to Dragons 2 this summer & KFP3 in 2016.

    Note yes i consider Pixar its own thing even though its owned by Disney, same goes for their dubbing of Ghibli films since they didnt actually make them

    • I dont hate Nicholas Cage. I like movies he's in, yeah he's a cheesy/hammy actor at times, but he's in some pretty hammy films. XD

    -Anime needs more visual diversity: Part of what makes animation appealing IMO is visual diversity, anime severly lacks this and it really needs to work on it. Also most anime like many sitcoms suffer from really bad mediocre execution & writing.

    • Bobs Burgers is better then Family Guy: I cant stand seth McFarlne Toons.

    • Big-O is Better then Eva: They both have pretty crappy endings though.

    And thats all I got, now time for you guys to share!

  • Why would you take such an open-ended idea and confine it to something as small and narrow as entertainment media?

  • Because this is an anime forum full of nerdy people who like entertainment media. And social/political Discussions get too intense and might end up getting inappropriate. Plus it's still lots of ground to cover.

  • H'okay, here's some of mine (don't know how unpopular these really are):

    –Spider-Man 3 is a good movie. Yeah it's not as good as the last two (it really didn't need Venom), but it's still fun.

    --Desolation of Smaug is NOT a good movie. It's decent, but that's purely because of Martin Freeman and Smaug himself. I don't care about Jackson's "BIG AND EPIC BATTLES" anymore, just give me a film of The Hobbit.

    --Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is only good, not great.

    --Neon Genesis Evangelion's infamous ending may be impressive from an "artsy" standpoint, but from a narrative standpoint, it's terrible.

    --Yu Yu Hakusho has a good English dub, but it's inferior to the Japanese version. And Sgt. Frog has the worst English dub that Funimation has ever done.

    --I don't like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Not at all.

    That's it for now.

  • -Generation IV was not Pokemon's worst.

    -Superman > Batman

    -Michael Jordan is NOT the greatest basketball player ever, It's Kareem Abdul Jabbar

    -Baseball is better than football

    -Roger Moore did a good job portraying James Bond (probably my most unpopular opinion). And Daniel Craig is better than Sean Connery.

  • Unpopular opinions eh? Oh I’ve got many so I think the best way to go about this is to compartmentalize them anime and movies, and my stance on a few aspects of entertainment. Well, let’s stop wasting time and get down to brass tacks.

    One philosophy I abide by in entertainment media is that of good writing/storytelling fundamentals and execution are directly linked with how entertaining a given piece of media is; the better written, executed and the more it fulfills the fundamentals of storytelling something is, the more entertaining it is. In other words, something that stands out that’s most enjoyable and entertaining to watch is pretty much a symptom of great writing, execution and staying solid on storytelling fundamentals.


    Next up is my perspective on fan service which I have blasted everyone here on, which I will do again. My take on fan service is that while it’s completely frivolous, and contributes nothing to the story; at the exact same time, when properly executed and integrated and the series follows the fundamentals of good storytelling and writing; it doesn’t detract anything, either. Therefore, just because a series might have the ecchi/eroticism element prevalent, it can still be legitimately good so long as the people creating it do not lose sight of the fact that a well-executed story with developed characters needs to be the first priority, and let’s face it, a little ambition never hurts.

    This attitude, provides me with a great Segway to my next unpopular opinion, Queen’s Blade is an amazing anime despite the fact that it is heavy on the eroticism and completely shameless and unapologetic. Queen’s Blade actually changed the way I look at fan service in anime proving to me that a “pandering” series can still be a great series. With well written, compelling characters that actually grow and develop as characters in their respective arcs that have a conclusion and catharsis, and a solid dynamic between those characters, it just goes to show that following the fundamentals of good storytelling and a little ambition goes a long way for any type of media.

    Now, there are other shows like High School DxD, High School of the Dead and even Cat Planet Cuties, which I can easily say the same about in terms of being great anime even in relation to “normal” anime; however, for some reason, these shows do manage to garner a greater number of overall positive reviews from critics and fans in comparison to Queen’s Blade, which I thought was every bit just as good as these other shows.

    My next opinion is that I really liked Texhnlyze, I mean; this show was just hands down outstanding. When I first started watching it a few years back, I found it disjointed, and somewhat unpleasant in the first few episodes, with it eventually growing on me. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and from the first episode on, I was hooked; everything made sense and clicked for me this last time. Save for a few criticisms I have for it, I was downright impressed with this series. It was a nice break from most anime just in how the characters were designed, how it’s possibly the grittiest series I’ve ever watched. Once again, the writing from the way the characters were developed and interacted with each other to how it gradually escalated, it was like a great mafia story with a sci-fi flavor to it.

    Now I need to take out the trash; I can’t say I’ve been pleased with everything I have watched in anime, and sometimes that anime I dislike, happens to be one that is overall well received by the fan community.

    In this case, to use the word dislike would be an understatement on my part; I absolutely loathed and despised the show, Panty & Stocking. I’m sorry to the fans of this series, but in the 9.5 (I quit watching halfway through episode 10) episodes I watched, I may be laughed two, maybe three times. This is not good considering that this series is a comedy which means its primary objective to make me laugh. I found the humor to be juvenile in that it reminded me of something I would’ve written when I was 14. All the characters on this series are absolutely unlikable, and I don’t mean “ha-ha” unlikable, I mean, annoying unlikable which made it that much more unpleasant to watch. The art style was cool that it was unique and different for an anime, however at times it felt really dismal and unsettling. To put it bluntly, I really hated this series, I was not entertained when I watched it.


    I really enjoyed Man of Steel; it’s the best Superman movie since Superman 2 of the original movies series and a most impressive “comic book movie.” Superman 3 was pretty good, but not as good as the first two. Man of Steel took it to a more gritty, and grim mood and did to Superman what Batman Begins did for the Batman franchise. The movie has been blasted for being mostly exposition, however, to be honest; that’s exactly what I liked about it; it was all development for Clark Kent/Superman’s character, giving the viewer a vicarious experience of wielding power and the burden of responsibility that goes along with it and of course establishing the mythology.

    Okay, time to air out some dirty laundry; I’m one of the few people who really didn’t like Frozen; it felt disjointed, the characters felt one dimensional, the pacing was sloppy, festering plot holes, the music was uninspired and, I found it to be predictable; I completely saw the ending coming about halfway through. If that wasn’t enough of a problem, perhaps the fact that Disney bastardized the Snow Queen really made me displeased with this movie. Aside from the negative, I’ll agree the animation was colorful and vibrant with lifelike backgrounds and surroundings with intricate character designs, but that’s about all I can say I was impressed with.

  • I don't really have many unpopular opinions that I can think of at the moment, aside from this one. I'm a huge Shonen fan, but with that being said, Fairy Tail is low-tier shonen. It has all of the action of a Shonen series, but I feel the plot and universe are lower than the already low par for the genre.


    more recent Disney endeavours like POTC4, Lone Ranger, Planes & ecspecially OZ have been really big dissapointments to me personally.

    You're taking the best of one studio and placing them against the worst of another, which is fine if you want to do it that way, I'm just not a fan.

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